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What’s The Ultimate Best Frozen Lasagna? Top Recommendations For Deliciously Easy & Quick Dinners

You can never go wrong with a plate of hot lasagna: it’s foolproof comfort food that you can enjoy no matter what day it is. Have it when you’ve had a long day, or even when you’re feeling pretty good! The greatest thing is that frozen lasagnas make this celebration half the battle. Simply pop one in the microwave oven and you’re due for Italian deliciousness!

Keep reading to find out what our top five best frozen lasagnas are! Oh, and if you are a busy bee and need more help with instant and quick sources of nutrition, do check out my top 5 stone-bought bone broths!

Best Frozen Lasagna Comparison 2024

NoNameImageBest ForRatingDetails
1[amazon link=”B07N8D9N73” /][amazon fields=”B07N8D9N73” value=”thumb”]Best for A lower calorie[amazon fields=”B07N8D9N73” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B07N8D9N73” value=”button”]
2[amazon link=”B00CHTXM7U” /][amazon fields=”B00CHTXM7U” value=”thumb”]Best For Runner-up[amazon fields=”B00CHTXM7U” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B00CHTXM7U” value=”button”]
3[amazon link=”B0757XMLY1” /][amazon fields=”B0757XMLY1” value=”thumb”]Best for Healthy Choice[amazon fields=”B0757XMLY1” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B0757XMLY1” value=”button”]
4[amazon link=”B00995BDNK” /][amazon fields=”B00995BDNK” value=”thumb”]Best for Travel[amazon fields=”B00995BDNK” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B00995BDNK” value=”button”]
5[amazon link=”B000RUQPQQ” /][amazon fields=”B000RUQPQQ” value=”thumb”]Best for pairing with meat[amazon fields=”B000RUQPQQ” value=”star_rating”][amazon fields=”B000RUQPQQ” value=”button”]
  • Best for A lower calorie: [amazon link=”B07N8D9N73″ title=”HMR Lasagna with Meat Sauce Entree” /]
  • Best for Runner Up: [amazon link=”B00CHTXM7U” title=”Nestle Stouffer’s Vegetable Lasagna” /]
  • Best for Healthy Choice: [amazon link=”B0757XMLY1″ title=”Omaha Steaks Meat Lover’s Lasagna” /]
  • Best for Travel: [amazon link=”B00995BDNK” title=”Mountain House Lasagna with Meat Sauce” /]
  • Best for pairing with meat: [amazon link=”B000RUQPQQ” title=”Barilla Oven-Ready Lasagne” /]

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Best Frozen Lasagna Reviews 2024

HMR Lasagna with Meat Sauce Entree – Runner Up

[amazon box=”B07N8D9N73″ ]

  • Brand: HMR
  • Weight: 8 Ounces
  • Package Weight: 1.6 Kilograms


  • Ready in one minute
  • Only 240 calories per serving
  • Comes with real meat sauce.


  • Some customers did not like its texture.

HMR has got your back when you’re staring at the wall, clueless on what to have for tonight’s dinner. Whether you’re eating alone or with company, they have a wide selection of pre-packed meals that will surely fill you up good. Plus, they come in a variety that you can choose from, depending on what you’re craving. One of these is their lasagna with meat sauce, which is one of their best sellers, too.

Plus, HMR meals are lower in calories, so you can enjoy your lasagna dish without feeling the guilt of a frozen dinner. You get 240 calories and 14 grams of protein per serving – not too shabby for a quick and easy dinner! You’ll only need to heat it for a minute in the microwave!

Their lasagna entree is made with real pasta, topped with layers of cheeses and vegetables, and a delicious meat sauce. You can enjoy this as it is, but others choose to add their own veggies depending on preference.

Unless opened, you don’t have to refrigerate the meal.

Nestle Stouffer’s Vegetable Lasagna – Vegetarian Option

[amazon box=”B00CHTXM7U” ]

  • Brand: Stouffers
  • Weight: 10 Pounds
  • Package Weight: 10 Pounds


  • Reputable brand
  • 100% vegetarian
  • No preservatives, only fresh ingredients.


  • The flavor might not be palatable for some non-vegetarians.

This is probably the biggest brand name in this list, and it does not disappoint. The Stouffer’s guarantee revolves on using fresh and safe ingredients, state-of-the-art preparation techniques, and the best flavors for their frozen lasagnas.

Stouffer’s Vegetable Lasagna is made of freshly-made pasta, from whole grains, and is layered with spinach, sea salt, shoestring carrots, broccoli, and a heavenly mixture of the best cheeses: ricotta, Romano, mozzarella, Parmesan, and Asiago. The flavor is enhanced with breadcrumbs, onions, and garlic.

There are zero preservatives in this product. It is also rich in fiber and calcium. You’ll get zero trans fat and 10 grams of whole grains for each serving. It is 100% vegetarian.

Serve this to guests, or enjoy it on your own whenever you need a quick vegetarian dinner!

To reheat, simply pop in the microwave oven. Heat at half-power for about four minutes in a loosely covered container. Let it rest for 10-15 minutes to cool down before serving.

Omaha Steaks Meat Lover’s Lasagna – Editor’s Choice

[amazon box=”B0757XMLY1″ ]


  • Has genuine Omaha Steaks beef
  • Has generous servings of five different cheeses
  • Flavorful and satisfying.


  • No noticeable drawbacks.

These Omaha Steaks lasagnas redefine what frozen lasagnas taste like. The company swears that it’s just like ordering and dining in an actual Italian restaurant. They pride themselves with a generous amount of Ricotta cheese in between layers. The meat layers are made of authentic ground beef from Omaha Steaks. This dish is not just filling, but is also flavorful and can satisfy the entire family.

It has twice the beef as their original lasagna offering. It is also packed with eggs, onions, tomatoes, four cheeses (on top of the Ricotta): Monterey Jack, Mozzarella, Romano, and Parmesan, as well as several Italian seasonings.

Simply heat it in the microwave and get ready to enjoy a genuine Italian dish. One box is good for four servings.

Mountain House Lasagna with Meat Sauce – Travel Pick

[amazon box=”B00995BDNK” ]

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ No
  • Product Dimensions ‏ : ‎ 8 x 9 x 10 inches; 2 Pounds
  • Manufacturer ‏ : ‎ Mountain House


  • Lightweight and perfect for traveling
  • Easy to prepare and clean up
  • Can feed two servings in one small pouch.


  • Freeze-dried, so not as rich and fresh as the other frozen lasagnas in this list.

While not technically a frozen lasagna dish, we cannot not mention this entry. Are you a camper or backpacker? Have you ever gotten tired of bland beans and protein bars while you are in the great outdoors? Well, Mountain House is here to solve these outdoor culinary problems.

Their lasagna pack is a freeze-dried dish, but don’t let that discourage you. These meals are fully cooked and promise to give you a home-cooked dish wherever you might be. They are very convenient, lightweight, and a breeze to prepare. You won’t have to carry several utensils and cooking pans with you to enjoy this lasagna.

This meal is also a good preparedness and survival product. Do you live in an area that’s susceptible to natural disasters, like earthquakes, tornadoes, flooding, and the like? Stock up on these and you won’t be worried about going hungry. You don’t need ovens to reheat them. All you need is hot water. The shelf life of Mountain House meals are no joke, even the U.S. Military trusts them for the past five decades.

This lasagna meal pouch contains six packs. Each pack houses a 2 1/2 cup servings, equally filling and flavorful. One pack can feed two people – perfect for traveling with a buddy.

To prepare: open the pouch, don’t forget to take out the oxygen absorber. Add hot water. More instructions are detailed in each packet. You don’t need a bowl or pot, just pour the water into the pouch itself. This makes preparing and cleanup all the more convenient. Close the pack and let it rest for 10 minutes. Once done, you’re all set to enjoy

Barilla Oven-Ready Lasagne – Healthy Option

[amazon box=”B000RUQPQQ” ]

  • Brand: Barilla
  • Flavor Oven Ready Lasagne
  • Weight: 0.65 Pounds
  • Allergen Information: Eggs, Gluten
  • Specialty: Kosher Certified


  • Non-GMO
  • Gluten-free
  • No boiling required.


  • Some preparation required.

If you’re looking for a more authentic pasta experience, try this oven-ready lasagne. This is perfect if you like making your own meat sauces and fillings, but have no time to make pasta from scratch. You won’t even have to boil water. Just place the sheets on your pan and start placing your preferred layers, then bake. The sheets are perfect for 9×13-inch dishes.

Barilla lasagna is gluten-free and is purely non-GMO. If you are health conscious, this would be a great pasta for you. It is made from rice and corn, creating a classic texture and taste.

The Best Side Dishes to Enjoy With Your Frozen Lasagna Meal

Frozen Lasagna

Looking for a full dinner? Then it’s time to think about side dishes to serve next to your lasagna plate. Salads are the easiest option, and the least imaginative if we’re being honest. Of course, a simple tossed salad is quick to make and its flavor palate is perfect for any pasta dish. However, you can’t deny craving for something new every now and then. So let’s take a look at our options!

Sauteed Onions & Peppers

Veggie sides are great to balance out a carb-filled and protein-rich main entree. This is a particularly easy one, too. Simply saute peppers and onions in light oil, and serve when browned. If you’re worried about too many calories for one dinner, don’t worry, these are very low-cal!

Antipasto Plate

Another classic side dish, prepare an antipasto plate for guests or for yourself! It’s a dish comprised of different marinated veggies like roasted red peppers, artichokes, cheeses, deli meats, and olives. This is a great table buffer if you’re having people over, and can stretch the meal efficiently.

Roasted Veggies

Take any vegetables of your choosing! Bell peppers, broccoli, carrots, artichokes, onions, and others can make a great side dish. Plus, they are healthy and low in calories. You simply need to roast them on the grill – or in a pan using the stovetop. A quick and easy side dish ready in minutes!

Raw Vegetables and Italian Dressing

Going back to the salad roots, try tossing carrots, cauliflowers, and cherry tomatoes together with your favorite vinaigrette or dressing. Technically, this is a tossed salad, but it does carry with it a hint of tanginess and uniqueness.

What Wines to Pair with Lasagna

Meat Lasagna

Go for slightly full-bodied red wines. You will do better with a modern Tuscan red wine instead of a Sicilian or Southern Italian option.

Barbera is a nice choice, too. If you are thinking of wines from outside Italy, you can pair lasagna with a zinfandel or a medium-bodied cabernet sauvignon.

Vegetable Lasagna

The pairing will rely on what kinds of vegetables are actually in the lasagna. Mediterranean vegetables like peppers, tomatoes and courgettes will do well with a Roussillon red wine or a Languedoc wine.

If you have chard and spinach, go for Gavi or other dry Italian white wines.

If your lasagna has butternut squash or pumpkin in it, pair it with oak-aged chardonnay or any richer white wines like a viognier.

Seafood Lasagna

Think of seafood lasagna the way you do for fish pie. It goes best with a full Italian white wine like Soave, Chenin blanc, or a smooth and creamy chardonnay.

How Lasagna Meals Can Benefit Your Fitness And Health

Frozen Lasagna

Ever wonder if lasagna is good for you? It turns out that it’s not just about being delicious and satisfying. Your favorite pasta dish might carry health benefits, too, especially if you are into bodybuilding and toning your shape!

Getting Enough Calories

If you are underweight or merely into bodybuilding, it is important to find good sources of calories. Lasagna is such a dish. It is high-calorie, and can tremendously help during muscle gain stages of your regimen. The beef, cheese, pasta, and even the tomatoes create a nice mix of calories.

Professional bodybuilders swear by it as one of the best high-calorie foods.

Protein for Muscle Building and Repair

Lasagna – being a meat dish – is essentially rich in protein. We all know that protein is very important for building muscle. If you damage muscles during rigorous workouts, protein will step in and handle the muscle repair from the cellular and tissue levels, while building new muscle simultaneously.

That’s why so many athletes and bodybuilders need to supplement their diets with protein powders. Lasagna comes in as a delicious and convenient source of protein!

Boost Your Energy with Carbs

The pasta itself is made from some sort of grain, which constitutes carbohydrates. Obviously, we all need energy for every activity that we do. Workouts will require an even higher level of energy. Carbs are important when exercising because they give you the fuel that you need to keep on. They also help in sparing the protein, so that instead of being burned into energy, protein is directed towards the more important muscle repair and growth.

Keto-Friendly Fat Content

If you are adapting the ketogenic diet, then you will rest assured that lasagna is rich in fat. This will allow you to burn fat, instead of carbohydrates, and reach a state of ketosis. The fat is burned into energy, which is used for daily activities as well as your daily exercise routine.


Our best pick for best Frozen Lasagna is Nestle Stouffer’s Vegetable Lasagna, with lower in calories, so you can enjoy your lasagna dish without feeling the guilt of a frozen dinner.

[amazon box=”B00CHTXM7U” ]

If you are a fan of pasta in general and are looking for a convenient way to prepare your own alfredo dishes at home, check out the best store-bought alfredo sauces!

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