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The Top 5 Best Sausage To Smoke: Get the Meatiest and Tastiest Grub Ever!

Sausages can contain all kinds of ingredients, and they’re actually a regular of many cuisines. There’s a wide variety of sausages made from different products that are currently available in the market. Be it pork, chicken, or beef; there’s surely a sausage made from one of these meat types. 3 out of 4 Americans actually prefer eating sausages for breakfast, and why not? Most of us like to wake up to a burst of different flavors.

What’s the real story?

The word “sausage” came from the Middle English word sausage, which itself came from the Latin word sal, which means “salt.” Sausages aren’t only a favorite in the United States; they are loved all over the world, especially in European countries like France, Germany, and Italy. This is why there are tons of sausage recipes available that came directly from these countries. Think of French sausage, German sausage, and Italian sausage.

Sausages are taken very seriously by sausage enthusiasts, and if you don’t believe this, you probably haven’t heard about how the Spaniards united just to bash renowned chef Jamie Oliver because of including chorizo, a type of sausage that originated from Spain, into his own version of Paella, a famous sumptuous cuisine that originated in Valencia, Spain.

I think you’ll agree with me that there’s a lot more to sausages than meets the eye. It’s more than a collection of meat, seasoning, and spices mixed together and wrapped for cooking and eventually eating. We’re saying it’s absolutely more than that! If you’re not a fan of sausages but want to try out smoking them, perhaps to experiment, or because your family requested it, we’re here to help you out in choosing the best sausage to smoke.

Best Sausage To Smoke On The 2024 Market

La Tienda Peregrino Chorizo Pamplona

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The La Tienda Peregrino Chorizo Pamplona is a thick and hearty Basque-style chorizo that’s great as a tapa or on a sandwich. Chorizos are naturally tasty and smoky in flavor, and this chorizo sausage is no different. The manufacturer of this chorizo sausage recommends it to be served as a tapa (a small portion of Spanish cuisine) with sheep’s milk cheese and olives.

This chorizo sausage can also make for a traditional Spanish bocadillo sandwich thanks to its rich, spicy flavor. This is due to the Pimenton de la Vera, unique paprika native to a valley in Western Spain. It’s a generously sized chorizo sausage that can serve several guests.

The La Tienda Peregrino Chorizo Pamplona makes for a great sausage to smoke because of the quality ingredients used in making it. Buyers of this chorizo sausage are satisfied with their purchase because of its excellent quality and taste.


  • Basque-style chorizo sausage is ideal as a tapa
  • Rich, smoky flavor thanks to paprika from Western Spain
  • High-quality ingredients are used.


  • Some consumers find it too spicy for their taste.

Donnelly Irish Style Breakfast Sausage

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The Donnelly Irish Style Breakfast Sausage is a fresh Irish sausage ideal for an Irish Style Breakfast. This sausage has all the Irish touches as it’s made mostly of Irish ingredients. It’s made from a good combination of pork, salt, herbs, and spice extracts, and this sausage is excellent not only for breakfast but for holidays as well.

What’s more?

This breakfast sausage makes for a nice sausage to smoke as the manufacturer claims that it has a rich, spicy taste that’s enhanced by smoking. This sausage is manufactured in the United States and is quite popular among repeat customers because of its excellent quality.

The Donnelly Irish Style Breakfast Sausage is an all-around Irish sausage that also goes great with other homemade recipes and also makes for a great sandwich.


  • Made from quality Irish ingredients
  • Has a rich spicy flavor
  • Repeat customers love it because of its quality.


  • Some consumers find its taste, not to their liking.

Koegel Ring Bologna By Koegel Meats

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The Koegel Ring Bologna By Koegel Meats is a high-quality bologna sausage that goes great with cheese and crackers. Bologna sausages, also known as baloney or polony, are Italian-style sausage that is often made as pizza toppings along with pepperoni.

Koegel Meats claims that this bologna sausage makes for delicious ground bologna sandwich. It has a mildly sweet flavor with a hint of spiciness that is not so different from salamis. This sausage has a beautiful texture that is enhanced when smoked.

The Koegel Ring Bologna By Koegel Meats can be an excellent addition to anyone’s dinner table during the holidays, especially when used in homemade dishes.


  • Made from high-quality ingredients
  • Mildly sweet flavor with a hint of spiciness
  • The good texture that’s enhanced when smoked.


  • Some consumers claim that this sausage is scarcely sweet.

The Original Beef Log From The Swiss Colony

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The Original Beef Log From The Swiss Colony is a summer sausage that is ideal for hardwood smoking. Made from high-quality beef, The Swiss Colony claims that this sausage is relatively low in fat compared with other summer sausages available in the market, thanks to the unique blend of secret ingredients they used in making this sausage.

But that’s not all.

This summer sausage has a distinctly beefy flavor and a texture that’s similar to salami sausages. The Swiss Colony claims that they’ve used the best zesty spices for the sausage to achieve its distinct taste. They also recommend it for breakfasts and state that they go well with creamy soups.

The Original Beef Log From The Swiss Colony is a flavor-sealed summer sausage that can go well with any occasion.


  • Distinct beefy flavor and fine texture
  • Made from a unique blend of secret ingredients
  • The manufacturer claims that this sausage is relatively low in fat.


  • Some consumers find it too greasy.

Esposito’s Sweet Italian Sausages

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Esposito’s Sweet Italian Sausages has been featured in “Emeril Live” and other food shows. It’s an authentic Italian sausage that can be made available without fennel upon request. Esposito’s has been around since 1935 and has been selling Italian sausages all over New York.

These Italian pork sausages are overflowing with savory flavor, thanks to the addition of the finest traditional spices, including anise, fennel, and pepper. Esposito recommends grilling these Italian pork sausages with red bell peppers and white onion. These sausages also make for great sandwiches, thanks to their savory flavor.

The Esposito’s Sweet Italian Sausages are claimed by most repeat customers as the tastiest Italian sausage they’ve ever tasted. These make for excellent sausages to smoke and will most likely go well with other dishes.


  • Authentic Italian sausage with a rich savory flavor
  • Made from high-quality pork and traditional spices
  • Most repeat customers claim that these are the tastiest Italian sausage they’ve ever tasted.


  • No noticeable drawbacks.

How to Pick the Right Sausages for You and Your Family?

best sausage to smoke

Is it the best part you are longing for?

When it comes to routine food, sausages are the real deal. They’re a meat-packed wonder that is a topic of several discussions and arguments, especially when people are trying to determine which kind of sausage is the best overall, although it’s really impossible to tell which kind is the best. 

Most sausages available in the market are pre-cooked, and this is a subject of debate. Some people love this idea, but some just want their sausage fresh so they can apply their own cooking techniques to it. Frequently, sausages are smoked.

For those of you who don’t know, when we talk about food, smoking is the process of flavoring, browning, cooking, or preserving food by exposing it to smoke. It can either be from burning or smoldering material, but we’re not telling you that these are the only ways. If you have other ideas or techniques when it comes to smoking food, by all means, use them.

Sausages come in several varieties, and it can be hard to decide what kind of sausage is the best for smoking. As we’ve mentioned at the beginning of this article, though, we are here to help you out. We’re going to discuss a few factors for you to consider when it comes to choosing the best sausage to smoke.

Sausage Type

best sausage to smoke

There’s a myriad of available sausage types available for everyone to buy. There are your usual country sausages, hotdogs, chorizos, and salamis. These are the most common types of sausage, and chances are you’ve already eaten each of them at least once. But let us tell you, there are many more sausage types that you probably haven’t heard of.

We’ve talked about Italian sausage, French sausage, and German sausage, but we didn’t talk about the details of those yet. Just to let you know, each of these sausage styles has several sausages under its belt. Bologna, Pepperoni, and Black Pudding are good examples of Italian sausages. The Vienna sausage, which I’m sure you’ve heard of at least once, is a classic example of German sausage, along with Bratwurst and Currywurst. For the French Style, there are the Saucisson, Chipolata, and Boudin.

Those are just some types of sausages, and we’re telling you, there are many more out there than you can probably remember, and by many, we mean absolutely MANY. We haven’t even included sausages of English, British, and Irish origin, but just so you have an idea, those countries each have a number of sausages under their belt.

Now, we can’t spoon-feed you about how these sausages differ from each other. That’s something you have to research for yourself, and you can take our word for it when we say you’re going to have a great time knowing about them.

When it comes to choosing the best sausage to smoke, it’s best first to determine what type of sausage your family likes to eat, and like with any other food, that’s not going to happen unless they get a taste of the sausages first, but if you already have an idea about it, then read on and see the other factors to consider, for you to know whether that sausage type your thinking about is worth smoking.

Fat Content

best sausage to smoke


Sausages are naturally high in fat, which is why they’re always recommended to be consumed in moderation. Meat is a sausage’s main ingredient, and the type of meat used in a sausage is often a good indicator of its fat content.

Remember, when smoking sausages, you’re adding more fat into them because you’re burning the natural oils in them, and if you’ve read about the best oils for pan frying that we feature, you’ll recall that oils have a certain smoke point, and this is where they start to emit free radicals, which are of course, harmful to the body.

But there’s a fact.

A little caution goes a long way when it comes to buying sausages, especially if they come in a package that doesn’t have a nutrition label. It’s always good to ask questions to the seller, like where the meat came from, if the sausage is pre-cooked, and if you’re willing to go that far, you can ask directly if the seller is aware of how much fat the sausages they’re selling have.


Sausages are basically a mixture of many ingredients wrapped together in a smooth casing. It is this collection of different substances that gives the sausage its distinct taste and texture. When we say ingredients, we’re not talking only about the usual meat, seasoning, and spices combination. Other things can be included in a sausage, and this is mostly because a manufacturer wants to produce a sausage that is not commonly found somewhere.

We’ve seen add-ons such as bananas, potatoes, cassava, rice, cabbage, orange zest, and even animal blood. There’s also a bunch of added spices, such as paprika and fennel. Though not really unheard of, they’re a bit uncommon in most sausages. Take extra care when buying a sausage because it might contain allergens such as soy, wheat, nuts, and even eggs.

It’s better to keep track of what’s in the sausage you’re about to buy than be sorry later just because you didn’t bother checking its ingredients. You might not be one of the people who take sausages seriously, but knowing a product’s ingredients and eventually being familiar with them can pay huge dividends.


best sausage to smoke

There are a lot of sausage manufacturers out there, and although there’s not a single company that has a sausage empire that makes the best sausages, there are a lot of manufacturers that produce high-quality sausages, and it’s best if you can buy only from them. Although, of course, you’re free to try and purchase from some unknown manufacturer, and odds are, you’re not going to be happy with your purchase.

You want to make sure that you buy only from a manufacturer with a good history of producing and selling only the highest quality sausages. Be it within your area or in online stores, it’s best to pay attention to who made the something you’re about to purchase, and yes, this doesn’t solely apply to sausages but to almost anything that you’ll be buying.


The best part?

Of course, that’s the price. Sausages kind of float in the middle of being cheap and expensive. Factors like being mass-produced and homemade affect their cost significantly. The ingredients used in a sausage should also be taken into account. A lot of people would not think twice about spending a bit more, especially if they’ve already experienced firsthand the quality of a product.

Most of us are reluctant to spend more than our budget, and that’s perfectly understandable. Money’s hard to earn these days, and staying within your budget is a commendable discipline. But if you’re someone who can spare some cash to buy the best sausage to smoke, then to each his own.


Choosing the best sausage to smoke is not as easy as one might think. There are a lot of factors involved when making a buying decision. Sausages are a great staple food, but with any other things in life, they’re best consumed in moderation.

best sausage to smoke

The Esposito’s Sweet Italian Sausages tops our list of the best sausages to smoke because of its excellent quality and distinct, savory flavor that can be a potential sweet treat for most sausage lovers. Speaking of which, do check out our reviews on the best Andouille sausages! We also talked about the most perfect sausage stuffers.

Furthermore, its manufacturer is a trusted brand when it comes to producing high-quality sausages. We hope that we were able to help you in choosing the best sausage to smoke! If you have feedback and suggestions, let us know what you think in the comments section!

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