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Top 5 Best Ribbon Candy Buying Guide 2024

Now we have tons of fancy candies out there, but candy ribbon is always on the top when it comes to tradition. These candies are mostly homemade and make you feel nostalgic; they take you back to your grandma’s cabin on a cosy evening!

Well, those days are long gone, but your heart may still ache for those amazing treats. Now the question is, which one is the best ribbon candy these days?

Well, we’ve gone through hundreds of packs to find out the tastiest ones for you. Here you will see the top five options with convenient packaging, plenty of mouth-watering flavours, and authentic recipe.

So without wasting much time, let’s get started!

Benefits of Using Ribbon Candy

These ribbon candies are not just another hard candy flattened and sold like ribbons; there’s more to it.

Let’s check it out!

Beautifies Interior and Party Décor

Be it a dish party or your house décor during the holidays; these colourful mints will enhance the beauty even if you throw them around without much organizing.

The Perfect Christmas Present

Christmas’s classic purpose is to serve as people exchange gifts and buy each other ribbon candies to sweeten their bond even more.

best ribbon candy


While ribbon candies are a present themselves, some people go over and beyond and add these candies as party toppers, stuff them in stockings, and use them as an additional gift to their main present.

Spreading the Holiday Blessings

All the other benefits mentioned above occur with ribbon candies. It adds to family fun and activities as children sing carols and parents sit by the fireplace to treat them to candies.

Our Top 5 Best Ribbon Candy Reviews

We care about your sweet treat needs, no matter what age you are; we all love candies, don’t we?

Therefore, here are our top 5 picks for ribbon candies that will not only make you feel festive but also satisfy your sweet tooth!

Sevigny’s Thin Ribbon Candy

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Sevigny’s is an American favourite for candies, and we believe that their Thin Ribbon Candy is among the tastiest there is. Whether for reliving old traditions or forming new ones with loved ones, Sevigny’s makes amazing candies and should be considered next time you need some candies.

This thin ribbon candy comes in packs of 6 assorted colours. The packs themselves come in different sizes. They make the perfect festive gift on the budget.

Moreover, you can also use the ribbon candy for decoration purposes. You can use them as a place setting as well. Their bright and colourful appearance will lend itself quite well in making desserts and other candy dishes. Put a card on top of the package and slide it under the Christmas tree or use them as stocking stuffers!

They are perfect as gifts when you do not have the time. We know how stressful those last-minute gift shopping can be, especially gifts for colleagues and people you work for and maybe the neighbours you see only once a week. Not to mention little kids will go crazy for those!

Since the beginning, they have been lovingly made, and a bite of the candy ought to take down a trip through nostalgia. However, you might want to get a hold of them quickly since they make them in limited quantities.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes in two packets, making the amount sufficient
  • Various flavours give people more options.
  • The wide range of colours makes it suitable for different styles of decorations
  • Packs come in many sizes for convenience.

Sevigny’s Old-Fashioned Christmas Classic Candy

Sevigny’s takes pride in their candy being made in the United States for over 150 years. If a more traditional and old-fashioned Christmas is what you want to be filled with bright, colourful, and fun candies, we highly think Sevigny’s Old Fashion Christmas Classic is what you should get.

Especially now, more than ever, people have moved on to other candies and some holiday versions of those candy bars. They are delicious, but they won’t look half as pretty as the extra thin ribbon candy made by Sevigny’s. The candy weighs seven-ounce, and they come in a variety pack with six flavours.

With such an assortment of flavours in a single pack, there is pretty much something for everyone. Flavours range from classics such as cinnamon and peppermint to Lemon and Orange. This makes for a relatively quick and easy gift that will please almost everyone – because who doesn’t like candy?

The waves and swoops make it ideal for decorations, especially the red ribbon candies that encapsulate the Christmas spirit.

We absolutely love the flavour assortments and how pretty they look on everything. The packaging makes it easier just to put a small note and deliver it to friends and colleagues as presents. They are thin, so you must be careful when handling them so as not to break them.

Highlighted Features

  • Various ribbon candy flavours in one assorted box
  • Perfect for a Christmas gift because of all the colours in one box
  • Packs come in many sizes
  • Weighs about seven ounces and makes a good present

Hammond’s Candies – Mini Ribbon

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The MiniRibbon Candy from Hammond’s comes in a wide range of sizes, from bundles of 2 to case packs of 15. The ribbons are all 5 ounces, and their bite-sized nature makes it more fun to devour a few of them without anyone even noticing!

This highly festive assortment contains flavours such as Cherry and Cinnamon ribbon candy. It is ideal for spreading the festive spirit around the house.

They are perfect for relatively budget-friendly office holiday parties as gifts for your colleagues as well. You could even keep a few of them with you and hand them out to the Christmas carolers. But keep your sweet tooth in control!

The packaging is very convenient. Just put a card on top and place the package under the tree, and you should be good to go.

One of the most amazing things about the recipes is that they have been relatively unchanged for over a hundred years, so it is quite a nostalgic trip when we have the ribbon candies. The sweet taste takes us back to when we were kids, which is the joy we want to pass on to our kids.

Highlighted Features

  • Handmade with Hammond’s unique and traditional recipes
  • The wide range of colours makes it décor appropriate to decorate candy assortments.
  • Mini but packs come in many sizes
  • Made in small batches and comes in mini sizes making the candies perfect for a Secret Santa game

Baby Ribbon Candy

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When it comes to getting something cute, these sweet treats from Fox Valley Traders might be the little joys of Christmas or other holidays that you should never miss out on!

Guess what makes this baby ribbon candy stand out from the other ribbon candies? The Size? No, we already covered that; the answer is flavored! These cute-sized ribbon candies come in flavours of fruits and even spices!

The sweetness will perfectly fill the tummies of kids singing carols around the neighbourhood, while the spicy flavours give the adults a thrilling flavour in the cold weather.

Coming in ounces of eleven, these mini-sized, colourful, and small yet hard candies are going to enhance the Christmas magic as you take bites of it while you are gathered with your family under the x-mas tree!

However, do not judge the candy by its size! They are small enough to make the cutest presents but yummy enough to take you back to the beautiful past!

Highlighted Features

  • Eleven ounces come in mini-sizes, making it the perfect gift for kids
  • Diversified flavours of fruit and spices suit the tastebuds of all ages, people
  • Packs come in many sizes, even with such little treats
  • Small packs make it holiday-party appropriate and other dish-festivals

Hammond’s Christmas Classic Gift Tin

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As adults with full-time jobs and little to no spare time, we all have faced the last-minute Christmas gift crisis. With so many co-workers and people we see daily, it becomes almost impossible to find gifts for everyone, especially on busy holidays such as Christmas.

Luckily Hammond’s has got you covered with its delicious range of candies.

For over a hundred years, Hammond’s have been pumping out delicious ribbon-Christmas candy and other assorted sweet treats beloved by millions of Americans and candy lovers all over the world. There is simply a charm to the century-old recipes used to craft the candies that remain unchanged to this day.

The Classic gift tin of this hard ribbon candy contains a plethora of delicious assortments of candies; it makes an undeniably festive gift.

What we really liked was the bright and colourful tin. The tin itself is as festive as the candies themselves. The assortments of ribbon candies, peppermint straws, and other candies also have nostalgic value and take us back to our younger selves eating way too many of these delicious sweet treats and loving every one of them.

The tin includes old-fashioned ribbon candy, peppermint straw, and art candy. The ribbon candy strips are especially a fantastic way to share the holiday season spirit.

This variety of candies makes it enjoyable all year round and will satisfy the entire family, whether at home, cuddled up in front of a wood fire or at holiday parties.

Highlighted Features

  • Sixteen ounces come in various sizes, from singles to cases of 12.
  • Certified by KOSHER as candies with one of the greatest hand-crafted recipes
  • Comes in a tin can rather than packs, making it unique from most other candies in this category.
  • Assortment of various flavours

Comparison Chart Of Ribbon Candy

Ribbon Candy NameBrandFlavoursUnit Count and Pack
Thin Ribbon CandySevignySix colours and flavours of candiesOne pack has about 9 ounces of candies
Old Fashioned Classic Christmas CandySevignyVariety of assortment flavours in a single packSeven ounces with a variety of packs
Mini Ribbon CandiesHammondsRed-coloured cherry and cinnamon-flavoured candies5 ounces with a variety of pack sizes
Baby Ribbon CandyFox Vallery TradersMini-sized candies are available in fruit and spice flavours11 ounces packs
Christmas Classic Gift TinHammondsAssortment of candies of different flavours16 ounces of candies come in a can

The Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Ribbon Candy

best ribbon candy

We know that your child’s heart jumps at the thought of hearing about any ribbon candies; still, we would like to brief you on some points you should keep in mind before purchasing ribbon candies.


Even though Sevigny and Hammonds lead the market of ribbon candies, there are other brands as well, like Fox Vallery Traders. We recommend you get a taste of all these brands and then decide which one you like the most! Diversify your Christmas joy!

Pack Size and Weight

Some ribbon candies come in packs of two, some come in boxes, and some come in cans. Determine the purpose of buying the candy and then choose from one of the types of packaging you would prefer and the weight that fits the purpose.

For example, suppose you are going to an office party with a good number of people. In that case, we suggest you take Sevignys Old-Fashioned-Christmas Candies as they come in an assorted box of many flavours and will give your colleagues the option to choose.


Buy what you eat! Wasting food is always a no. Explore the candy flavours once and later; only go for the flavours you know you’d like. For example, some people prefer cinnamon-flavoured candies, while some love peppermint flavours.

Expiry Dates

You must be aware that these are seasonal holiday candies, and you cannot just buy them whenever.

So, if you are craving some ribbon candies way after Christmas has passed and luckily find a packet in stock, it would be wise for you to check the manufacture and expiry dates since you do not want to fall sick.

How to Use Ribbon Candy?

best ribbon candy

You might be wondering what this section is even for; well, we are glad to let you know that ribbon candies, as mentioned above, are not just another candy to fulfil your cravings but has some other uses as well!


The beautiful colour combos of greens, whites, and reds of these ribbon candies will come of great use as they will enrich the holiday look of your house/workplace and add to the cosy aesthetics.

Dish Parties

No matter what you are bringing to the potluck party over the weekend, you can always throw in some ribbon candies to add to the looks and give the others a taste of your dish and the candy ribbons as dessert.


One of the classic uses and purposes is to spread Christmas joy as people wrap it up with other gifts and exchange them for Xmas and other Secret Santa games.

Family Activities

All the uses of these classic Christmas candies add more and more fun as family members sit together and assemble the assorted boxes, wrap presents and sometimes even mix the candies up since they are easily breakable.

Frequently Asked Questions

best ribbon candy

While we have tried our best to cover all aspects of ribbon candy shopping, you must know here are some additional Q/As to help you.

What flavour is it if it’s a pink candy ribbon?

It is strawberry-flavoured ribbon candy, loved by kids especially.

What is ribbon candy?

They are flattened and ribboned versions of the classic hard candies; they are also Christmas specialities.

What’s the best place to buy ribbon candies from?

You can get it both at shops and online stores right around the holiday season; choose your best deal!

Where did ribbon candy originate from?

It is still vague, but it has been a long-lasting tradition during Christmas in Europe; thus, that might be it!

Who made the first-ever ribbon candy?

In Massachusetts, F.B. Washburn Bakery of Brockton is the first-ever business to manufacture and distribute ribbon candies. This happened in 1856.

Final Words

So here is everything you need to know about the best ribbon candy out there. These candies are super delicious and will revive your holiday spirit for sure.

The Sevigny’s Thin Ribbon Candy is quite popular among consumers for its tasty recipe, convenient packing, and diverse flavours. Moreover, Hammond’s Candies – Mini Ribbon is a great option for those who are into creating ribbon décor.

All the candies we chose are the most excellent ones in the market. So whichever one you pick, you won’t be disappointed!

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