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Omega VRT350 Review: Top Vertical Masticating Juicer

The Omega VRT350HD Juicer is a next-generation upgrade juicer of the Omega VRT330. The Omega VRT350HD is a solid-build vertical juicer. It doesn’t warm the juice, and there is next to no oxidation or froth due to the low engine speed of 80 RPM.

It has an anti-enzymatic quality and keeps the juice fresh for longer time frames. This is the magnificence of a Masticating Juicer. The Omega VRT350HD is an incredible product for business use in bakeries, cafes, restaurants, and bars.

The Omega VRT350HD has “Restrictive Underwriters Laboratories Inc. (UL) Household and Commercial Approval,” which means it is affirmed for business use in bakeries and juice bars.

The Omega is one of the noiseless juicers in the market because it utilizes an electrical induction engine. With none of the moving parts scouring together, they won’t wear out. What’s more, that is the explanation the Omega VRT350HD is one of the most dependable juicers available right now.

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The Omega won’t be just great to view as it is a typical user-friendly unit. The Omega VRT350HD is firmly built, small than a standard blender, and a lot littler than a food processor. It occupies almost no desk space. Assembling it was generally simple right out of the container.

The juicer is additionally provided easy operation — just one switch for on, off, and turn around. It comes furnished with a plunger. However, I’ve never needed to utilize that in light of the fact that the processor snatches anything dropped down the chute.

Squeezing is fast, as well, just as tranquil. Two bins are incorporated, one for fine mash and one for coarse mash; utilizing either doesn’t influence the speed or proficiency of the activity. The mash that turns out is totally dry, letting you know that all the juice has been removed.

For additional measure, nonetheless, the mash itself can be re-bolstered into the machine to remove any remaining juice. The Omega VRT350HD performs well with any type of juicing foods like fruits veggies, and even green veggies.

The separated juice is exceptionally thick yet can be diluted by adding some water through the juicer. Adding water through the juicer will likewise give some help flushing out mash particles before cleaning.

Features Of Omega VRT350

omega vrt350 review

Low-Speed Motor – Increasingly Nutritious Juice

As referenced previously, you will have the option to profit more from squeezing when your juicer is a moderate rotating juicer. The moderate rates protect nutrients and fibers that are generally wrecked or destroyed in quick-rotating juicers.

It presses, not grinds juice; thusly, the juice’s texture, taste, and nutrients are saved. The mash is still crushed for the second time before it is thrown out as the juice goes to the subsequent press organization.

There is less oxidation; along these lines, you can get juice that is fresh and will last more, as long as 72 hours longer. Also, in the event that you are hoping to profit from regular juice’s dietary fiber, at that point, this is the ideal approach to do it.

Come with a Large Spout

This juicer has a vertical plane, so the natural products, veggies, and herbs go in at the top and are pushed downwards by an instrument. In view of this proficient plan, you let gravity help you crush more squeeze.

To gather juice from the juicer, place a large glass under the spout where the juice streams from. Another huge glass ought to likewise be set on the other spout to gather dry mash. Touch the mash; this will be extremely dry, contrasted with quick juicers that will just leave you with wet mash.

Simple to Utilize, Simple to Clean

omega vrt350 review

This juicer is very convenient to clean. The removable parts might be set in a dishwasher or washed under a tap with fluid cleanser and water. In the event that something stalls out inside, like an enormous bit of organic product or strip, simply place it in the turnaround so it can unclog the stuck piece.

The external surface of the Omega VRT350 can be cleaned off with a clammy material. The smooth surface will never hold spills, stamps, and scents in any event when you utilize this day-by-day.

Small and Compact than Other Juicer Models

Other customary, powerful juicers might be excessively substantial and devour such a lot of room, now and again involving practically a large portion of the ledge! These may even be more earnestly to keep or store away in light of the fact that these can’t fit anyplace.

You’re left with an enormous juicer that is all over your kitchen counter. The Omega VRT350 is small and compact, and in light of this, it can be put away in any place. It consumes next to no space, so you have the choice to give it a chance to remain on your counter or simply keep it inside a cupboard until further use.

What’s more, since it is anything but difficult to set up and use, it is likewise simple to bring down and keep. It accompanies simple connections and parts which ought to be washed totally before these are fended off


  • Low-speed rotating juicer
  • Motor speeds at 80 RPMs
  • With a dual-stage juice processing system
  • Juice can be stored for up to 72 hours
  • With three settings
  • Large spout
  • Very small build
  • Washable parts
  • Made from durable materials

Used In Following Foods

omega vrt350 review
Omega VRT350 Review: Top Vertical Masticating Juicer 9

The Omega VRT350 is a flexible juicer, while some of the time recorded as a VRT350HD or a Heavy-Duty juicer. As a compact and single-speed juicer, it can even process the hardest foods in the soil.

The twist drill grinds nourishments at 80 RPMs, which is the route, not exactly the diffusive juicers, to diminish heat and thus oxidation. It additionally safeguards every one of the chemicals and nutrients for your leafy foods.

This low speed additionally keeps you in a dominant position, with regards to separating the most out of your nourishments is concerned. This machine additionally can plan nut spread and sorbets, yet unfit to granulate espresso and procedure nourishment.

Yet, this juicer battles in the event that you are on the route of handling absolutely verdant green. For leafy greens, it yields 25% less by and large when contrasted with its competitors.

On the off chance that your point is to make a heaping measure of the juice of leafy vegetables like wheatgrass, kale, or parsley, you may go with Omega NC800 rather than VRT350. On the other side, in the event that you plan to juice natural products, the VRT350 would be the better alternative.

To reiterate, the two machines have had some expertise in their individual fields, and you have to make sense of what you are after.

Operational Procedure

One of the astonishing highlights of Omega VRT350 is “very convenient to utilize.” You would have no way out, yet to cherish having it in your kitchen! We can cause you to ensure that!

The amassing and dismantling of VRT350 are likewise very basic. You need not wind the squeezing bowl to secure it at the hour of the establishment. You have to slice the fixings to fit the so into the chute, computing 2.25″ by 1.25″, splendidly. Cut the cucumber vertically into four pieces and apples and so forth into eight pieces as the specialists propose.

The sinewy greens, for example, celery, need to slice into little 0.125″ to 0.25″ to abstain from obstructing. You have to make sure to turn the nourishments you put in every vertical juicer to limit sticking and stopping up and expand yield. What’s more, a similar procedure would be material for this juicer too.

While squeezing, you simply need to place foods grown from the ground at the highest point of the chute. On account of its auto-encouraging capacity, the wood screw will get the fixings and, after that, naturally, maneuver it into the crushing procedure all alone!

A nourishment plunger is additionally there, which will compel the nourishment down into the wood screw to process if the twist drill can’t do the programmed activity.

The VRT350 accompanies two-organized procedures, and foods grown from the ground will pursue so to get completely remove the juice from the mash. This procedure enables you to have the last drops of juice extracted from your foods.

Principally, the eagerly squashing makes the food recover both the juice and mash at the same time. A while later, the mash gets pressurized and crushed up for a last measure of juice.

At last, the mash is released to be put in the mash holder. While mash pursues the side of the unit, the juice takes the front of the unit to be served at the juice compartment or whatever it is.

omega vrt350 review

Cleaning Procedure

When the activity of juicing is done, it’s a great opportunity to clean the VRT350 as you probably won’t be prepared to see mash hardens up in the machine making your cleaning task more enthusiastically! It is furnished with a silicone cleaning framework to make your activity simple. This framework keeps the screen clean and mash-free while you are utilizing the juicer.

This cutting edge consistently turns with the twist drill and is primarily used to limit the possibility of stopping up and to keep the juice removal effective. This equivalent framework can likewise be utilized while washing in a self-cleaning capacity. You simply need to pour the water following the chute, and the edge will do the cleaning work naturally.

This programmed cleaning procedure, like the wiper’s sharp edges on your vehicle, is particularly helpful for everyday use. It will spare you valuable time and decrease the problem of dismantling the entire machine sometimes in the event that you need to switch between different organic products or vegetables.

When you choose to clean the juicer totally, just dismantle the segments, and wash so with warm water and a dish bar. Not at all like many masticating juicers, parts of VRT350 are not dishwasher safe. In this way, you can just wash those physically, leaving no decision for cleaning by means of the dishwasher.

Parts And Accessory Availability

You may be mindful that the brand, Omega has been in the market for over 3 decades with enhanced items. Along these lines, you can expect any new parts from them whenever! In having in this way, you may arrive at the producer’s site immediately.

On the off chance that you get broken or harmed parts, the probability that you will be regarded by Omega in the event that you are under the umbrella of a guarantee at all.

All things considered, Omega will transport new parts for nothing out of pocket at your doorsteps. Because of their guarantee of 10 years, all juicers keep you pressure-free for such an extensive stretch.

In any case, in the event that you abuse the machine or misuse it, state, pushing a hard coconut shell with it, then you may need to purchase the parts without a guarantee claim.

Pros And Cons Of Omega VRT350 Juicers

omega vrt350 review


  • The juicer has a vertically aligned structure
  • Likewise, it takes less space to store
  • Obviously, it is low-speed and, henceforth, increasingly better outcomes
  • Additionally, there is no oxidation of food
  • In addition, it makes squeezes in double stage
  • Moreover, the switch capacity spares the juicer from stopping up
  • Just like, two holders, the juicer has two major spouts
  • Also, it is exceptionally simple to clean the juicer. Truth be told, the juicer has an auto-cleaning framework
  • Likewise, the body of the juicer is exceptionally solid


  • Does not accompany a glass and mash bin or holder
  • Not for users who are in a hurry
  • Jammed or stuck food pieces may occur
  • It weighed around 22 pounds, only
  • Likewise, the measure of mash in the juice is high

Why Should You Go For The Omega VRT350 Review?

omega vrt350 review

While some automatic juicers would juice be able to up foods grown from the ground in insignificant seconds, this procedure destroys the normal nutrients, and supplements and freshness can be animated by oxidation, causing early decay of juice.

Slow squeezing averts all these by extricating juice at 80 rpm. Gradually, you’ll get your nutritious and fiber-rich squeeze that can last as long as 3 days when stocked appropriately.

This is the thing that you can expect with the Omega Vertical Slow Masticating Juicer. This is a juicer that will work gradually to guarantee that you’ll get all the astounding decency of squeezing from organic products, veggies, and even herbs or wheatgrass. It has incredible highlights with a smooth ergonomic structure.


The Omega VRT350 vertical moderate masticating juicer is the juicer of the decision on the off chance that you need to get progressively out of your squeezing action. It will give you a new squeeze that is progressively nutritious, with better flavor, and will keep up its flavor and nourishment fresh for as long as 72 hours.

This is moderate squeezing, which can transform products of the soil into heavenly, nutritious, and fiber-rich juices. It is a moderate juicer, so in the event that you are searching for a juicer that will work quickly and squeeze quickly at that point, look somewhere else.

Contrasted with quick juicers that will involve a large portion of your kitchen counter and will for all time remain there in light of the fact that these are too enormous to even think about keeping inside a cupboard, the Omega VRT350 is little, compact, and simple to store anyplace.

This moderate juicer is anything but difficult to utilize, simple to keep up, and won’t be as loud as a customary quick squeezing machine. This might be the solid mechanical juicer you have been searching for.

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