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How to Cook Scrapple Like A Pro By 2 Simple Methods

Scrapple is such a traditional and wonderful food. It is believed to have originated from Pennsylvania Dutch. Because of its flavor, you can easily find its fresh and frozen forms at any supermarket across the country. In fact, the process of making scrapple is simple than you might think. Normally, it takes more or less than 2 hours to prepare and cook this amazing dish from scratch.

how to cook scrapple

Scrapple can become an ideal breakfast, especially for those who like crispy food with a very soft central part. Nevertheless, like any other dish, the making of scrapple requires some techniques to avoid overcooking. Various methods can be done to achieve the same results, but you can use pan- frying, which is very common and simple.

In this article, you are going to learn how to cook scrapple at home with as simple techniques and a few types of equipment as possible.​

​What is Scrapple?

Scrapple, also widely known as “Pan Rabbit,” is a mush of pig scraps or pig trimmings blended with cornmeal and flour. A mold is usually used to shape the scrapple.

Normally, people use scraps of leftover parts that are unable to be used and sold to make the scrap to avoid any waste. They may be the head, liver, heart, and other parts of a pig. Scrapple is well-known and often cooked by the Americans. You will find it convenient to purchase packaged and canned scrapple in supermarkets to make the scrapple by yourself.

how to cook scrapple

It is evident that the right techniques are also important apart from the freshness of ingredients. Now, it is time for you to check various recipes to make your delicious scrapple.

Recipe: Normal Scrapple Cooking

This recipe is simple and takes you 30 to 45 minutes to prepare and cook. Scrapple, on the other hand, is perfect for a sandwich. You can taste your sandwich with a small slice of scrapple in the middle of your bread and then feel the richness of pork offal inside. Scrapple sandwiches are suitable for breakfast and a light meal in the evening.


  • 01 pork heart​
  • 01 pound of pork bones or ribs
  • 02 pounds of pork liver
  • 04 cups of roasted cornmeal
  • 2 ½ tablespoons of salt
  • Black pepper
how to cook scrapple


Step 1: Boil Pork Heart and Liver Together

Remove the fat around the hog heart and cut the sinews. The pig heart should then be chopped into 4 pieces and put into a large stew kettle (or a saucepan if you have one) together with meaty bones and liver. Pour water into the kettle, cover it with a lid and wait until the kettle comes to a boil.

After that, you should let the kettle to a simmer for around 3 hours so that the pork heart and liver are soft or until the meat doesn’t stick to the bone anymore.

Step 2: Grind The Mixture of heart, liver, and meat

Now you have the broth from cooking the above mixture of pork heart, liver, and meaty bones. Strain the broth into a saucepan to make it clean. Then, remove the meat from the bones. Put heart, liver, and meat into a large grinder. Grind them hard until they are fine or when you feel the mixture’s softness is ok.

​Step 3: Boil the Broth

Keep bringing the broth to a simmer. You can add seasonings and cornmeal to the broth. Then, let the broth come to a boil, and don’t forget to stir the mixture constantly.\

how to cook scrapple

Step 4: Cook The Ground Meat Mixture and The Broth

Reduce the heat of the broth to medium and add the ground meat mixture in step 2 into the broth. Keep stirring until everything is well blended. Cook it for about 30 minutes and keep stirring all the time so that the mixture does not stick to the saucepan’s bottom.

​Step 5:Let The Scrapple Cool

Your mixture is now ready to be poured out. Rinse small bread pans and pour the scrapple on top of the pans. Let the pans cool and put them in the fridge. Now that your scrapple is ready to serve.

Whenever you want to eat scrapple, unmold it from the pan. Slice it into smaller pieces, and you can add it to the sandwich to enjoy right away with maple syrup.

Please be noted that your scrapple can be restored into the fridge for a maximum of one week.

Recipe: Sausage Scrapple

how to cook scrapple

This recipe also delivers the best taste of scrapple yet requires more time and effort to prepare and cook. Don’t worry, just follow my direction and you can end up having delicious scrapple for your family.


  • ​1 ½ pound of pork sausage
  • 1 can of sweet milk
  • 1 cup of yellow cornmeal
  • Black pepper as seasoning


Step 1: Fry The Pork Sausage

Pour the pork sausage into a large and deep saucepan, bring it to medium heat and wait until it turns brown. After that, put the sausage into a colander and rinse it. Then cut the sausage into smaller pieces of the same size as peas.​

how to cook scrapple

Step 2: Make The Broth

Pour sweet milk into a deep kettle and bring it to medium heat until it starts to boil. Add the cornmeal and pepper to the boiling milk. Then reduce the heat to a simmer. Keep cooking the broth until it is stiff.

Step 3: Let The Broth Cool Overnight

Pour the mixture into small pans, cover them and let them cool overnight. Now your scrapple is also ready to serve.

To sum up

Now that you have acknowledged yourself, at least two recipes relevant to scrapple cooking. In case you don’t have much time to grind pork offal, you can use the available canned pork sausage instead, like what I shared with the #2 Recipe. It is available in supermarkets. However, if you are a true chef and cooking lover, you have no reason to say no to the #1 Recipe.

If this article interests you, share it with your friends and tell us which recipe you prefer.​

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