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Hamilton Beach 31126 vs 31127

Technology has advanced quite a lot. Nowadays, you see that a lot of things are now digitalized and advanced. In every field, you see technology has an impact that helps you. Similarly, in the kitchen, you can feel a similar effect.

In the kitchen, you use various kinds of appliances that make your work effortless. Among many of the instruments, toaster ovens are the notable ones. Hamilton brings you better quality toaster ovens.

Today, the comparison topic is Hamilton beach 31126 vs 31127. Toaster ovens help you to take care of various kinds of cooking works. Remember that both of the toaster ovens by Hamilton are of good quality. But with an in-depth comparison, we will recommend which one is the best for you.

Hamilton Beach 31126 vs 31127 – Some Discussion About Both

In the market, you are going to come across various brands of toaster ovens. So, each toaster oven contains its own set of features and benefits. As a result, you need a good experience in the kitchen which will make your work effortless. Similarly, Hamilton’s toaster ovens can help you do that in the kitchen.

Here, let’s look at the Hamilton beach 31126 toaster oven. If you search the market long enough, you won’t find a toaster oven like this one. Because Hamilton beach 31126 has a unique design with a roll-top door.

So, its vast opening ensures that the foods get inside and outside without any troubles. As the door opens wide, it leaves space in the countertop front. 

Again, we have Hamilton beach 31127 before us. It’s another good-quality oven by Hamilton.  It’s quite a versatile toaster oven. Because it has three different cooking presets that help around different cooking scenarios. Moreover, the toaster oven has a vast capacity so that you can cook lots of things in one serving.

hamilton beach 31126 vs 31127

Hamilton Beach 31126 vs 31127 (Comparison Chart)

  Concern  Hamilton Beach 31126  Hamilton Beach 31127
Weight5.99 pounds11.4 pounds  
Dimensions16.75 x 10.76 x 19.76 inches15.24 x 18.74 x 9.41 inches
Capacity9” x 11” bake pan, six slices of toast & 12” pizza9” x 11” bake pan, six slices of toast & 12” pizza

Hamilton Beach 31126 vs 31127: The Breakdown

As you came from the comparison chart, now it is time to begin the oven breakdown by Hamilton. So, a thorough examination is going to help you determine which one you should purchase.

Because both of the ovens are from the same brand, the model is different. Typically, there are some differences in features. So, by a thorough breakdown, you can see that for yourself.


The first thing that catches your eye is the design of any appliance. Naturally, a unique thing can catch your glimpse at once. Moreover, the intelligent design of a toaster oven can allow various types of benefits as well,

Here, Hamilton beach 31126 carries a sleek design that allows quite an advantage for all users. The toaster oven contains an elegant design with a roll-top door that allows for a wide opening.

As a result, this vast opening allows for foods to go in and out easier effortlessly. So this feature was possible due to its unique design. At this moment, this makes the toaster oven relatively easier to use.

Hamilton Beach 31127 has a stylish design that provides a significant benefit to all users. Thanks to the roll-top door, the toaster oven has a streamlined design with a large aperture. As a result, this giant hole makes it easier for meals to enter and exit.

As a result of its unique design, this functionality was made available. Thus, you can see that both ovens have a similar design without any significant difference.

hamilton beach 31126 vs 31127


Before buying any kind of toaster oven, you must ensure that it can store enough as you desire. So, you need to keep in check that your toaster oven has the capacity of your own choice. Because if you get a toaster oven without checking the capacity ability, you might not be satisfied as you had an expectation.

So, Hamilton beach 31126 has quite a considerable inner capacity. Keep in mind that as the door opens from above the oven, it frees up the countertop space in front of you. The internal power of the toaster oven is vast as well.

It can fit a 9” x 11” baking pan. If you crave pizza, it can provide a 12-inch pizza. Toasting is another prominent feature of toaster ovens. So, this oven can fit around six slices pieces of bread.

Here, Hamilton beach 31127 has a sizable internal capacity. Remember that the oven door opens from above and frees up the counter space in front of you. The toaster oven has an enormous ability on the inside as well.

It will fit into a 9″ x 11″ baking pan. It can serve a 12-inch pizza if you’re craving pizza. Another critical aspect of toaster ovens is toasting. As a result, this oven can hold approximately six slices of bread.


Not all toaster ovens have a convection feature. Convection allows you to cook a variety of other dishes. Suppose you want pizza; you can use the convection setting of your toaster oven to do that. Keep in mind that not all toaster ovens carry this feature. So, you need to check up if the toaster oven you are buying has convection preset.

When you get the Hamilton beach 31126, you get the convection-powered feature. So this allows you to cook a variety of dishes. Moreover, a convection power oven reduces the cooking time by 25%.

As a result, you can get your meals faster because the fan continuously circulates the heated air at a continuous rate around the food. Thus it creates even heating around the food. The pizza you cook gets a golden crust.

Let’s talk about Hamilton beach 31127 in the case of convection power. Unlike Hamilton beach 31126, Hamilton beach does not have convection power technology. Despite the absence of convection technology, it does not hinder your experience.

You can still bake and cook comfortably. Consequently, your cooking process will just take a longer time. But your food results won’t be wrong.


The toaster ovens feature depends on the brand. So, different types of toaster ovens have different types of cooking presets. If you get a toaster oven with various cooking presets, it can help you in several types of cooking scenarios. Moreover, you can cook many kinds of dishes.

Similarly, Hamilton beach 31126 has three different types of cooking functions. The cooking continuously allows you to cook a variety of dishes. Baking, broiling, and toasting functions when you get the Hamilton beach 31126.

You can either bake something or toast some bread. Also, you can make a pizza when you desire. Thus these are the functions you get when you get this toaster oven.

Hamilton Beach 31127, on the other hand, features three distinct sorts of cooking functions. The culinary enables you to prepare a wide range of cuisines. When you purchase the Hamilton Beach 31127, you will be able to bake, broil, and toast.

You have the option of baking anything or toasting some bread. You can also prepare pizza whenever you want. Comparing it to the 31126, you also get the same functions in this oven.

hamilton beach 31126 vs 31127


Before you plan to buy a toaster oven, you first have to consider your budget. Because depending on your budget, you can decide what type of toaster oven you can buy. Now, you need to set an appropriate amount of funding.

If you set the budget too low, you might miss out on various types of advantages. But this does not necessarily mean that you have to set the budget too high. You just need to select the budget at a reasonable rate.

So, here Hamilton beach 31126 makes the perfect choice if you are willing to crank up your budget without any limit. This oven has convection power technology. Thus you see why you need to keep a better budget because the higher price provides you with that feature you deserve.

Again, the Hamilton beach 3117 is the better choice if you have an extremely tight budget. You have to sacrifice the convection power technology for this. But this does not mean you are missing out. You can still get various features for this toaster oven. But if your budget is exceptionally tight, get this toaster oven because you can still enjoy multiple other features.

Hamilton Beach 31126 vs 31127 (Pros & Cons)

After an in-depth breakdown of the two toaster ovens, it is time to list the pros and cons of both toaster ovens. Now you have come a long way in the comparison of Hamilton beach 31126 vs 31127. Listing out the pros and cons of both toaster ovens will allow you to have a better overview of them.

Considering that you have to buy one from the two, you need to see out for yourself which one offers you better features while also checking up on the budget. Thus, check below and find out the pros and cons of both toaster ovens by Hamilton.

hamilton beach 31126 vs 31127

Hamilton Beach 31126

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  • It has convection power
  • Easy to clean
  • The design is sleek
  • It has a vast capacity
  • Easy to use
  • It has three cooking functions
  • It gives fast access to the foods
  • Includes a timer and automatic shut-off system
  • The temperature range is wide


  • The convection fan might create noise which is annoying for some users.

Hamilton Beach 31127

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  • It is easy to maintain
  • It has effortless cleaning
  • Variety of temperature range
  • The device provides you with additional accessories
  • It has a ready bell
  • Vast access to the foods
  • It has three different cooking functions


  • No traditional power technology.

Conclusion: Which One to Choose?

hamilton beach 31126 vs 31127

Finally, in the comparison of Hamilton beach, 31126 vs 31127 is coming to a definite conclusion. If you check, there is a breakdown of both the toaster oven in the above. Furthermore, there is also a comparison chart and a list of the pros and cons of the toaster ovens, respectively.

Thus, if you choose between them, you should get the Hamilton beach 31126. The reason we suggest Hamilton beach 31126 is that it has convection power. It allows you to get good cooking results.

Moreover, the cooking process is faster than usual. However, the Hamilton 31127 does not carry the convection technology. The price comparison isn’t significant either. As a result, the best choice for you is the Hamilton beach 31127 toaster oven.

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