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Best Stainless Steel Citrus Juicers Review In 2024

They are vital equipment in the kitchen. In my opinion, every kitchen should be equipped with that device because they help you and encourage you to eat and drink healthily hence making your health its main priority.

With that said, every Citrus Juicer is valuable whether it is manual or automatic or it runs on electricity.

What is a Citrus Juicer? What Can You Make With It?

First, let me explain to you what is Citrus Juicers; they are an effective kitchen tool that aids in the extraction of the pulp or juice from different fruits and vegetables.

stainless steel citrus juicers

They are very helpful when you are eating healthy, and they happen to be easy to use. So, for any type of fruit or vegetable extraction, Citrus Juicer can be very effective.

Now: moving towards what you can make from such kitchen equipment.

You can make many drinking items that can be healthy and fresh. If you want to extract the pulp or juice of an orange, then this device comes in handy, and if you want to drink fresh apple juice, then you should opt for such a device, even if you want juice from the vegetable which is known to be extremely healthy then this device will help you to extract it.

Benefits of Stainless Steel Citrus Juicers

There are several benefits of a Citrus Juicer ranging from encouraging you to eat healthily to motivating you to stay fresh and organic. 

Here are some examples and benefits listed down below for your convenience.


stainless steel citrus juicers

With a stainless Citrus Juicer, you can have a long lifetime as they are stain resistant, so there won’t be any sort of problem when it comes to the durability factor.

It won’t catch any type of stain or rust hence making it more reliable than others.

Easy Use

When it comes to easy use, then this is the product that you should opt for as this is just a one or two-step process to provide you with fresh and organic juice. Just put the fruit or vegetable inside the container and start the process.

Organic Juice

With any of the Citrus Juicers, you can have a fresh and organic juice experience as it provides you with freshly extracted juice content with all its nutrients and other advantaging items for your body.

Stay Fresh and Healthy

stainless steel citrus juicers

With such a product in your kitchen, it can help you stay healthy and fresh all the time. If you are habitual in drinking such a profitable extract of fruits and vegetables, then this kitchen companion can be your health companion.

The difference between them is that a manual Citrus Juicer needs more preparation than an automatic one as automatic works and gets the job done pretty easily; with that, the Juicer, which runs on electricity, is categorized as an automatic Citrus Juicer.

Best Citrus Juicer Review in 2024

Here are some product reviews for the Best Citrus Juicers for your convenience.

Gourmia EPJ100 Electric Citrus Juicer

[amazon box=”B00J72F1YC” ]

When it comes to easy extraction of citrus from any fruit or even vegetables then, this electric-operated Citrus Juicer as it provides you with some unique features.

This can be used with not only citrus essenced fruits but it can also be used with different types of fruits.

Other than that, it works efficiently and will provide you with pure pulp and juice. With that doming to the built structure, it happens to be solid with a noise-free motor which helps in the extraction of pure juice.


  • It is easy to use.
  • Provides you with pure juice.
  • Has a noise-free motor.
  • Conserves energy.
  • Runs on 160 watts of power.

Eurolux Electric Orange Juicer Squeezer

[amazon box=”B01CRAPTSI” ]

When are you getting a full glass of calcium and nutrients? Which would deny that, right?

This Electric Citrus Juicer can have that very easily as this is an automatic juicer that runs on electric power and consumes only 160 watts, thus being energy efficient.

With that said, this Juicer is made with premium quality built material with stainless steel structure. This can have a long life making this durable and reliable.

It can provide you with efficient morning energy and provides you complete Citrus Juice.


  • Equipped with an in-built filter for any seeds and lashes.
  • It is completely automatic with the on/off option.
  • Has a soft grip rubber handle.
  • Consumes only 160 watts as it has 160 watts motor.

Breville 800CPXL Die-Cast Stainless-Steel Motorized Citrus Press

[amazon box=”B000A76VCY” ]

This Citrus Juicer can prove to be the best and ideal option for you when it comes to having pure and fresh citrus juice to provide protein and nutrients equivalent to a meal.

This Juicer is made with stainless steel material hence checking all the durability factors checks.

With that said, there are some silent features, like it includes a silent motor that does not make or produces any type of noise. The filter present in the Juicer can provide you with pure and seed-free juice.


  • The company provides this product with two filters.
  • Has a preinstalled cord storage compartment.
  • Provided a silent and noiseless motor.
  • It has a stainless steel cone extractor.

OVOS Citrus Juicer Lemon Squeezer

[amazon box=”B01JOSTQ62″ ]

When you are out camping, what would you do as there is no power and you want to have some fresh juice? Not every time, you are going to have an electric power supply when needed.

To have that pleasure in an isolated area, you should have this lemon squeezer as this requires no electric supply and works on manpower that is much more efficient than an electric-powered juicer.

Now: coming to the built structure, this device is made with stainless steel material, thus ensuring the durability and reliability of its user. Other than that, this squeezer is maintenance-free and has a lifetime warranty.


  • It is made with 304 stainless steel material.
  • Provides you with a long handle hence enhancing the grip and hold.
  • This product is dishwasher safe.

New Star Foodservice 46878 Black Juicer

[amazon box=”B00KQ47HL0″ ]

With this manual Juicer, you can have the pure juice experience, and you can stay healthy at all costs.

As that being said, this is designed in the most simple way it can as this product has a lever from which the crusher is controlled, so the max power you use, the better it will extract the juice.

Other than that, let’s discuss the built structure of this product as it is made with stainless steel like other Juicer, but this is more durable and reliable as first, it is manual, and secondly, it is made with a heavy-duty material.


  • It is made with cast iron and stainless steel.
  • With a firm and rubberized grip, it makes it even easier to extract the juice.
  • Provided with stabilizing heavy-duty material base and suction cup.

Breville 800JEXL 1000-Watt Juice Extractor

[amazon box=”B0002VAFVG” ]

When you want fresh juice, what do you do? You go out and buy it well, not in this case, because this Juicer can provide you with the same power as the other juicers do, and you can have your day’s fresh juice at your home.

Now: coming towards its build and structure, this is a heavy-duty machine that requires more power than others that are mentioned on this list. It is made with stainless steel and cast iron and runs on electric power.


  • It is provided with a strong motor which runs on 1000 watt electricity.
  • This Juicer can be operated with two different speeds one is 13000 rpm, and another is 6500 rpm.
  • It is provided with 3 inches of fruit placement place where you can insert from orange to lemon depending upon you.
  • It happens to be durable and works efficiently.
  • Requires cost-free maintenance.

Best Stainless Steel Citrus Juicers – Buyer’s Guide

Built Quality

stainless steel citrus juicers

When it comes to the built structure and quality of such a product, then you should not worry about it as this can be very effective and efficient.

They are made with steel which happens to be stainless, thus making them durable and reliable.

With that said, when you use such a product, you can feel the solid structure and sturdy look because it is designed in that way, as it is a chunk of solid. With this product, you can rely on it any time you want when it comes to making fresh juice and maintaining your health.

Design Approach

Now: the design aspect of every product is different and unique in its way, which can be very useful in identifying your preferred product.

Keeping that point aside, with the design approach from the designers of such products, you can have a selective choice option depending upon you and which one is easy to use.

stainless steel citrus juicers

The layout of such products depends upon the use of the consumer because they check whether it will be easy to use or not; hence be sure before buying that you can operate it easily or not.

Healthy Lifestyle

If you want a healthy lifestyle, then I would prefer you to get such a product because they are the true and the best companions to make to healthy and fit.

They will provide you with fresh and organic juice, which can be very useful if you are going through any type of disease or fatigue.

Not only that, they would force and help you to drink fresh juices when it is present in your kitchen, making them the best product for eating healthy and staying fresh.

Electric Consumption

stainless steel citrus juicers

You are worried about what is the consumption of it when it comes to electricity. Well, this consumes rather less electric power than you are expecting as these types of juicers need a little bit of power for grinding the fruit or vegetable.

But the standard for every Juicer in consuming electric power is 400W, which can be a huge consumption for somebody and can be less consumption for somebody.


The convenience with such a product can be endless as you just have to put your desired fruit or vegetable inside the top compartment, and if you have a manual machine, then you have to squeeze it, but if you have an automatic machine, then it makes it even simpler as just press the button voila you would have your fresh juice extracted.

FAQs about Best Stainless Steel Citrus Juicers

How do I Use a Citrus Juicer?

stainless steel citrus juicers

Initially, you slice off the orange lemon either but in addition to that, you slice it, even more, having four pieces, then put them inside the top compartment of the Juicer.

If you have an automatic juicer that runs on electric power, then it is simple as it could get. You just have to press the button of extraction, and viola; there, you will have juice extracted in the present glass container down below.

Or if you have a manual, then you have to extract the juice by yourself.

Can I use a Juicer to Extraction of Lemon Essence?

To answer that, yes, you can. Citrus juicers can be used to extract anything which includes citrus essence; hence to extract lemon, the extraction is called lime juice. So yes, you can use lemons in the citrus juicer.


When it comes to buying such a product, then you should have a clear mind about which one to buy, as each and every product that is mentioned here or not mentioned have a different set of use and features that can depend upon your usability.

But this can be the perfect companion for your kitchen and health as it provides you with fresh and energetic juice extract that is pure and organic.

So, at your home luxury, you are getting such an amazing item to drink that is pure and organic.

You wouldn’t know what you are getting from outside when you go to buy such drinks, so why should you buy from outside when you can have the same or even better quality at your home?

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