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Top10 Best Drain Protector In 2024

Are you getting tired of dealing with a clogged drain due to hair or other debris caught in it? This is a common issue in the shower and the kitchen, which many people are unhappy about. It also impacts the drainage system and causes the water to get all backed up. In our best drain protector 2022 reviews, we have gathered a number of items that should be able to help you put an end to your issues with your drain and find the right protector to use for it.

When buying a drain protector, you will find yourself surrounded by numerous options. There are different materials used for drain protectors, such as silicone, plastic, stainless steel, and a few others. Before you buy one, be sure that the material is durable and will last for a long time. Stainless steel is definitely strong and easy to clean, while silicone is soft and will work for those who prefer something that comes with a suction feature, making it easy to remove and put the drain protector back on.

You also want to make sure that the holes are large enough to allow still water to drain but not too large that the debris will flow down the drain. Lastly, check the dimensions. It should be just right for the drain you have at home for a secure and perfect fit.

Best Drain Protector 2024

With all these things in mind, let us have a look at the best drain protector 2022 reviews. These are among the top products we have seen in stores today, which we highly recommend that you try based on their excellent performance and value for your money.

OXO Good Grips Drain Protector

[amazon box=”B00OCEBMFM” ]

We like these drain protectors from OXO Good Grips as they work well in catching hair and debris. These are made of silicone, which is a durable material that is a breeze to clean. The material stays in place, so your drain is blocked well from all the nasty debris that can cause clogging. With a nice dome shape, it works not just for popup drains but also for flat ones.

There is no doubt that these drain protectors do their job well. But we think that the color may be a bit too much for those who are looking for something to match their stainless steel drains. Otherwise, they work just fine.

Silicone Drain Hair Catcher

[amazon box=”B09YD9JJNZ” ]

Expect good value for your money from these drain catchers. There are two pieces in one pack, so you can get such great savings. The product also functions quite well, and you can be sure that debris, soap suds, and hair don’t go down the drain and cause clogging. The silicone material is also FDA-grade and hypoallergenic for your peace of mind.

Overall, we are well-pleased with the performance and functionality of these drain protectors. They are not the easiest to pull out, though, so this is the only concern you may encounter with this product.

SlipX Drain Protectors

[amazon box=”B00314YBPM” ]

Made of high-quality plastic, these drain protectors are pretty impressive. They work by trapping hair and similar types of debris that compromise the proper flow of water down your drain. They measure 3 inches in diameter for the inner ring and a little over 5 inches in diameter for the outer portion. Cleaning them up is also quite easy as these are dishwasher-friendly and also good to go by just rinsing them up.

We think that these drain protectors really do a great job of preventing debris from going down the drain and causing clogging. But they do not quite stick very well, which means you need to keep them in place after the shift.

Hair Catcher Silicone

[amazon box=”B07PBV7D48″ ]

Get five pieces of these amazing drain protectors in every set. We like how durable the material is, as it is thermo-plastic and flexible rubber. They stick well and will not slip too easily. These drain protectors are very resilient and can resist abrasion perfectly. You will also love the fun colors these come with, including brown, pink, green, grey, and blue. Plus, removing these drain protectors is not a hassle at all, making it quick and simple to clean them up after use.

They are definitely functional, and they work well. However, be sure to check the dimensions since some people complain about them being a bit too large for their liking.

LEKEYE Stainless Steel Hair Catcher

[amazon box=”B07TGJYNGZ” ]

Great for your bathroom drain or bathtub drain, there are so many things to love about this drain protector. The material used is stainless steel, so you can expect these protectors to be highly durable. They are also easy to use, and they can be cleaned with ease and convenience. With these drain protectors, you can protect your drainage system and not have to worry about it being clogged up too frequently.

These items are quite brilliant! They do the job well, but you need to be sure that this is the right size you need for your drain to avoid any concern about it being too small or too big.

LEKEYE Stainless Steel Cover for Drain

[amazon box=”B07TJX6GYS” ]

Does hair often catch on your drain? If you are tired of the reduced drainage flow because of debris on your drain, then it is time to use these drain covers by Lekeye. It helps keep your drain clear for smooth-flowing water. These stainless steel covers are rust-proof and durable, and you can expect them to last for years. Installation is not a problem. Just put it on top of your drainage, and it is good to go!

For the most part, we agree with the fact that this drain covers work. However, there are ridges on this cover that are a tad thin. This impacts the quality of the seal it produces, which is a bit lose sometimes.

LEKEYE Silicone Shower Drain Cover

[amazon box=”B071XYDHD3″ ]

Made of silicone and stainless steel, this drain cover is bound to do its job as expected. This cover protects your drain from debris that causes clogging. When it is time to clean the cover, you can remove it and give it a rinse. Be sure to install it properly and ensure that it does cover the drain well to prevent debris from flowing down.

Our only gripe about this product is that it tends to slow down the flow of water when suds are stuck on top of the cover. Just give it a rinse when this happens, and it should be good to go.

TubShroom Hair Catcher

[amazon box=”B01BYRMGCC” ]

We are quite impressed with the performance of this drain cover from Tubshroom. It features a nice little plug design that goes right over your drain. It offers a secure fit, so debris won’t go down too easily. With this product, there is no more reason to worry about messes in your drain. Overall, this is a great product to purchase that will help ensure the quality and function of your drain in the bathroom.

One thing to note about this product is the cleaning process. It is a bit tricky, but it definitely does its job of keeping the drain clear at all times.

Hair Trap Drain Cover

[amazon box=”B07RL5L3R1″ ]

Care for your drain and your plumbing, too, with this amazing drain cover. It does its job of clearing the drain and making sure it is free of debris. The material offers a nice suction and grip to the drain to make sure debris is blocked while allowing water to flow with ease. You can use this product in your bathroom, kitchen, and also your laundry room.

Some customers complain about this drain cover not staying on all the time. But it could be an issue with the dimensions, so you have to check the size well to prevent this problem.

OXO Good Grips Shower Drain Protector

[amazon box=”B003M8GMUY” ]

Last but not least, we feature this well-made drain cover from OXO Grips. It fits quite well over your drain in the shower or laundry room while still allowing water to flow. It catches hair and all those nasty debris to make sure the drain remains clear. Made of silicone for the rim, it is soft and secure to keep the protector right in place all the time. There is also stainless steel material included that is rust-proof and adds to the durability of the cover.

The drain cover does its job, but some people are not too crazy about the color. So be sure to check the specifications to determine if it is exactly what you want for your drain or not. Performance-wise, we think this product is a good deal.


There you have our best drain protector 2022 reviews. We hope that by now, you have more ideas on the right item to buy that will surely keep your drain clear and free from clogging with the right protector or cover to use for it. This can save you headaches from clogged drains and expenses in case you need to call a plumber to unclog it.

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