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Best Cutting Boards 2024 – Reviews and Buying Guide

Best Cutting Boards 2024: Do you need help choosing best cutting board? You don’t need to worry; we’ll help you in every way. It is crucial to equip your kitchen prep arsenal with cutting boards.

Determining the right board can be as confusing as finding the ideal pair of slacks – it must be the appropriate size, the proper material, and it must also look and feel good.

There is no doubt that a knife can only be as good as the board on which it’s being used. Whether the knife’s purpose is to chop vegetables, carve meat, or prep garnishes, there’s a cutting board that’s perfect for the job. 

As well as being versatile, these tools have many practical uses, such as serving as a serving plate or as a layer protecting your table from heat or scratches.

Among the materials for cutting boards, the most popular option is plastic. Plastic cutting boards excel at mincing garlic and herbs, as well as cutting meat, and are dishwasher safe, as well.

Best Cutting Boards 2024

The John Boos Block Cutting Board 

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Having this John Boos cutting board guarantees you won’t fall off the counter as it glides, but it’s not heavy or burdensome either. This cutting board is reversible, so you can switch over to the other side whenever you need a new cutting surface.

One-year warranties usually cover cutting boards, but wooden cutting boards require some extra care to keep them in excellent condition. Before you use it, it must be pretreated before leaving it out to dry or put in the dishwasher. 

The cutting board measures 20 x 15 inches and is 1.5 inches thick, giving us convenient space to shred whole cabbages without stopping and chop and separate various foods. 

The thick surface of this board makes it possible to chop a chicken. We don’t mean chopping onions but smashing chickens to pieces.

Maple has a closed-grain, making it a perfect closed-grain hardwood for food preparation, as it is tough enough for durability yet soft enough so your cutlery will persist in decent condition while you are cutting.


  • Strong and Durable
  • Chops Easily
  • Ample Work Space
  • Elegant Design


  • Only suitable for handwashing

Our Verdict

John Boos Block cutting board is an excellent tool for serious home cooks who need a large quantity of space for prepping food without perpetually transferring it into a bowl or pot. The 20 x 15-inch corner grain board got a workout at our house. You should try this at least once. 

OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board

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Cutting boards made of plastic can be placed in the dishwasher after use, unlike wood. The edges of the cutting board are furrowed to catch liquids before they run onto the counter and the board is gripped with rubber grips so it won’t roll around.

This OXO Good Grips Utility Cutting Board protects knives from blunting and prevents mess from accumulating on your counter by keeping them from hard surfaces.

There’s no fuss or fanfare about this board, but you might only begin to admire its subtle extras after using it for a while. It’s 10 x 14.5 inches, so you can double it up if you want. It may be too small for cutting a turkey, but it’s beautiful for most other kitchen uses. 

Plastics like polypropylene are typically safer for food use, making them an excellent choice for cutting boards. This trivet is best used for serving food rather than using it as a trivet for hot cooking pots since it can withstand temperatures above the boiling point.


  • Flat
  • V-shaped rims
  • Narrow feet hold it off the counter
  • Suitable for dishwasher


  • Shallow Grooved Rim

Our Verdict

Whether you’re cutting meat, vegetables, or noodles, you need a cutting board that’s tough and ready to go. OXO cutting board is the best solution for these problems. This cutting boards have non-slip edges that grip the counter when you cut, making them a great option to carve roasts and chop fresh veggies. Just wash it in the dishwasher after each use.

Virginia Boys Kitchens Walnut Wood Cutting Boards

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A notch smaller and thicker than the Boos Block, Virginia Boys Kitchen’s reversible board is better for decorating a small space. The board’s quality is exceptional for the price and is particularly beneficial for those who frequently carve flank steak and chicken breast; the grains on the board are gentle on knives

There is simply no seasoning on this cutting board, so a bit of preparation is required before using. As the board is regularly seasoned, it will become darker, more excellent, and more beautiful with time.

In addition to being a desirable cutting board, walnut is also an excellent choice for serving. You may want to leave this one on your counter to show it off, unlike other plastic or composite cutting boards.

This versatile workstation is an ideal demonstration piece for charcuterie, cheese platters, slices of bread, pizzas, and sushi served to guests. Created from meticulously carved juice grooves, they capture runaway liquids and facilitate messy food prep like carving meats, slicing fruit, cutting vegetables, dicing herbs, combining, and juicing. 


  • Useful and safer than plastic
  • Adaptable
  • Easily Reversible


  • Pricey 

Our Verdict

You won’t have to worry about dull knives with this cutting board. Using this walnut cutting board, you can easily prepare and present delicious meals. Anyone who cooks, bakes, entertains, or entertains will be delighted by the Virginia Boys Kitchens Walnut Wood Cutting Board. 

Natural Two-Tone Cutting Board 

[amazon box=”B0002LXUCM”]

The Kona Groove Cutting Board from Totally Bamboo is sumptuous without being overly expensive. Featuring a juice groove around the board’s edge, it keeps countertops and tables clean.

Although it’s lightweight nature, this board surprisingly is made from sustainable Bamboo. This board is designed with reversible grooved and flat sides, making it beneficial for everyday use or special events.

The Kona Groove Board is made of two different tones of Bamboo, making for a beautiful rustic look in your kitchen. It is perfect for cutting meat and fruit and is designed with a juice groove around the perimeter to protect countertops and tables.

It is essential for the Totally Bamboo board to be seasoned often, just as the Boo’s wooden board does. The plate should also not be cleaned in a dishwasher but should be washed by hand with warm water and soap. Boos Boards are more durable, but Bamboo’s board is just as beautiful and of great value.

This eco-friendly biomass material is solid and biodegradable, meaning it requires no precise cutting, artificial irrigation, or replanting.


  • Gorgeous bamboo grain
  • Easy storage
  • Embossed handle cutouts


  • Hand washing is required

Our Verdict

Clean Bamboo is simpler to maintain than hardwood. Hand washing in warm water with no chemicals will make it look new. Bamboo is softer on knives than plastic, as well as smoother to preserve than hardwood. Even on exacting terrain, it can be grown organically without artificial irrigation or replanting, as its roots persist even after harvest.

TEAKHAUS Wood Cutting Board 

[amazon box=”B001CMRQUW”]

Teakhaus is gaining momentum as a durable, sustainable, and reliable cutting board material, where Bamboo was once considered a cheaper alternative to hardwoods. The reason for that is that teak is more durable and needs less maintenance than wooden boards or even bamboo boards.

The durability and flexibility of teak wood make it ideal for cutting boards. As TEAK is moister than Bamboo, you will not have to oil your cutting boards after every use. Bamboo cutting boards can get grooved easily, and you can use them longer.

This board requires minimal maintenance, just hand-washing, and mineral oil when necessary. Bamboo cannot guarantee that. To ensure the quality of teak from our forests to your home, TeakHaus uses the same technology to develop teak forests on previously underdeveloped lands, sourcing from sustainable woodlands only.

End-grain boards do not boast as much protection from moisture and cracking and warping as this style of the board does. However, it is more difficult on knives than this style of board.

Although this cutting board may be too large to fit in most kitchen cabinets, its sturdy construction and attractive color make it a beautiful addition to any countertop or backsplash. Additionally, the board’s weight is unlikely to slip when used.


  • Best for Knives
  • Big surface area
  • Beautiful grain pattern


  • Dishwashers are not compatible

Our Verdict

Besides being large enough for large family gatherings, this Wood Board can be conveniently moved with the included hand grips. The Teakhaus By Proteak Teakwood comes from sustainably managed groves and needs only rinsing with soapy water and applying mineral oil frequently.

John Boos Block Cutting Board

[amazon box=”B00063QBFE”]

A lightweight board from Boos’ Chop-n-Slice Collection makes it easy to lift. Our best board, the John Boos Maple Cutting Board, is the priciest. However, it’s also the most gorgeous. The Boos Block is an environmentally-friendly, high-quality cutting board made of high-quality maple and is both strong and durable.

As a member of the NHLA since 1966 and a Certified Sustainable company since 2013, John Boos & Co is committed to the environment. Northern Hard Rock Maple is used to make this cutting board.

Reversible design, this board features juice grooves on one side and is flat on the other. It can be displayed on your countertop, provided there is enough space. Cutlery is easier on a cutting board that is lightweight, versatile, and less likely to damage knives.

Boos Blocks are pre-seasoned, but they still require oil before the first use, as well as regular cleanings and sanitizations. Also, this board must be hand washed to ensure proper sanitization. However, this cutting board is beautiful and would be a stunning focal point for any kitchen.

When the wooden surface is brand new, apply more frequently John Boos Mystery Oil, especially in dry climates. John Boos Board Cream should be applied after applying Mystery Oil. Each oil is sold separately.


  • Exceptionally strong
  • Best for Chopping
  • Workspace is ample


  • Hand washing is required

Our Verdict

Using professional best practices, John Boos’ Hardwood Foresters select trees that naturally renew themselves. Plantations are managed toward renewal, permitting woodlands to rebuild naturally and prolifically.

J.k. Adams Large Reversible Maple Carving Board

[amazon box=”B00004S7TU”]

Cutting boards like J.K Adams’s large reversible board are designed with plenty of features that make them a perfect choice for carving meat. These include grooves in the surface and a slight slope on one side that enables juices from the core to run into a single well.

It has a cutout on one side for poultry or roasts that prevents them from sliding while you carve. You can use it for pineapples, melons, eggplants, cabbages, and even more. The other side is flat and features great juice grooves. 

Our carving board works well with any turkey or roast chicken, whether it’s for Thanksgiving or a weeknight dinner. It’s guaranteed to last for a lifetime. Our customers cherish family time centered around the kitchen. They love the pleasure of artfully preparing and presenting food.

JK Adams crafts beautifully designed food presentation and presentation tools to prepare and serve food easy and delightful. It is guaranteed for Life. Taste the difference. Make entertaining effortless with JK Adams. 


  • Quite beautiful
  • Suitable for a turkey
  • Juice-catching wells


  • Quite Expensive

Our Verdict

Designed to carve turkeys and roasts, the J.K. Adams Maple Carving Board is the perfect tool for that task. This cutting board work better with mineral oil, which will ensure they last longer. You can also use it for serving, roasts to party platters, and crudité and charcuterie. This cutting board range in flexibility and quality from flexible to sturdy.

Sonder Los Angeles Wood Cutting Board

[amazon box=”B07HNCYZM2″]

With cherry and oak accents, the large walnut board from Wonder Los Angeles shows off American walnut. It may end up on your countertop rather than in a cabinet to show off a little. Cheese plate lovers will appreciate the board’s versatility – it’s an excellent board for displaying cheese and charcuterie.

Having a built-in well that can be used on either side for prepping and chopping veggies or as a catch for crackers and baguettes for entertaining, our unique reversible design makes for flexible prepping and chopping. 

Use this board as a vegetable platter or as a charcuterie board with cheeses or meats. The inner handles make it easier to carry and serve. Walnut is a favorite among professional chefs because of its durability and beauty and for protecting knives, as it is hard enough to support the blade yet soft enough not to dull it.

Embedded with sustainably sourced native American Black Walnut and distinctive Cherry and Maple accents, the cutting board exhibits some knife marks and requires regular oiling to enrich its rich color.

If you choose to apply monthly oils, your Motley piece will remain hydrated and beautiful for many, many years. Don’t expect it to look like everything else on your kitchen counter. 

Final You may want to display this maple and cherry wood-accented beauty in your kitchen cabinet rather than stash it away in a dusty corner. If you don’t intend to use it when prepping your meal, it can function as a beautiful charcuterie board, as well.


  • Stylish
  • Boxes with padding
  • Groove with multiple uses


  • Juice Grooves are not available

Our Verdict

You may want to display this maple and cherry wood-accented beauty in your kitchen cabinet rather than stash it away in a dusty corner. If you don’t intend to use it when prepping your meal, it can function as a beautiful charcuterie board, as well.

Dexas Heavy Duty Cutting Board 

[amazon box=”B005QDMX0Q”]

With a cutting board that can be folded up the edges, the transport of chopped-up food is effortless. The innovative cutting boards are made of lightweight plastic that is non-porous and non-absorbent. There are four brightly colored ones in each set.

With the Dexas Heavy Duty Grippmat Set 4 Pack, the company provides four heavy-duty cutting boards. Despite being smaller than standard cutting boards, these are still a reasonable size for most kitchen tasks. 

Even better, both boards can be placed side-by-side on a counter, which allows the cut-side board to be used for chopping and slicing, while the peels and ends from the vegetables can be transferred to the adjacent board to be discarded later.

The rectangle boards, which have rounded corners and a hole in one corner, are a simple shape that can be hung or used as a handle for lifting and carrying. 

It could serve a useful purpose, however, the hole can also waste space that could otherwise be used to cut or hold food.

Cutting boards are non-slip and feature a non-slip backing on the backside. Designed for safety, these boards fold and roll easily to funnel food into pots and bowls. BPA-free. Dishwasher safe.


  • Cost-effective
  • Thick but strong
  • Slip-resistant bottom


  • A Single-sided use 

Our Verdict

Cutting boards are usually expensive to buy, so eradicating them from the kitchen area makes sense. There are very few steps and little storage space required to store the Dexas 4-pack Heavy Duty Grippmat Set.

Buying Guide OF Best Cutting Board 2024

Some people find cutting meat or vegetables a very frustrating task if they don’t particularly enjoy it and have difficulty doing it. And for those on the other end of the spectrum who love doing it, a quality cutting board will make the process much more enjoyable. 

If you need to cut veggies and meat conveniently, get the best cutting board you can’t live without. A good board will make your work easier by providing a firm surface on which to work and will also prevent food odors and germs from developing.

These are some points mentioned below that you have to consider while buying a cutting board. Our research is intended to be helpful to you. 


When choosing the best cutting boards, consider the design features, from rectangular to round boards that work well for pizza serving and cutting. First, you should ensure that the board has a handle integrated into the design, which allows for more room for chopping or carving and easier storage. 

To relocate and transport aboard successfully, finger grooves are essential. They provide good grip throughout the board. The board might be on display, so make sure it matches the design of your decor or complements the wood in your kitchen. An easy way to do this might be to select a configuration that complements the color scheme.


If you have limited kitchen storage space, your carving board will need to be as big as 15 “x20”. Almost every chef will agree that a good cutting board allows the user to cut a variety of items on it. 

Most kitchen sinks can accommodate a board of this size, as anything more significant would be too difficult to clean for most families. If you have a large sink or dishwasher, a giant board might be more suitable for you.


In terms of the most durable and valuable materials for making carving boards, plastic and wood are the best candidates. While other materials can be used, wood and plastic are the most common ones.

For those on a budget or limited in space, plastic cutting boards are perfect as they are lighter, more affordable, and easier to clean and store. 

Compared with plastic boards, wood boards provide a more durable solution since they can last a lot longer. They are also gentler on knives so that they will last much longer the longer they are maintained.

Cleaning Process

Cleaning a cutting board can be a short or long process, depending on the material and type of stains it accumulates. It is imperative to regularly clean a wooden carving board. 

You can usually clean cutting boards with warm, soapy water, just like you do with other kitchenware. However, if grasses or ants have soiled your board, you will need a wood cleaner for cleaning. 

Several types of cutting boards are dishwasher safe, so the manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning should be followed if you plan to wash the board in the dishwasher. If the board gets stained during use, you can sand down the surface to remove the stain. 

Storage Capacity

Keeping your cutting board stored is a top consideration when selecting a good board. A small, lighter board might be ideal if you have a limited amount of space. While many people don’t have a large amount of space, many choose to keep their wooden boards on their kitchen island or dining table because they are an attractive yet functional piece of decor. 

Plastic boards are ideal for kitchen cabinets since they are lightweight and slim, making them easy to store. Plastic boards are better than wood since they are lighter and bulkier.


The boards made from plastic are usually lighter than the boards made from wood. Just like size, the weight of your board will depend on your storage situation and needs. Wood is always heavier than plastic.

If you choose lighter plastic cutting boards, be sure they have good grips beneath the boards to prevent them from slipping and to avoid accidents. In turn, wooden boards are typically more sturdy and less likely to move when using them.


What is the best quality cutting board?

The John Boos Block Cutting Board is the best quality cutting board. It is possible to chop a chicken on the thick surface of this board. Rather than chopping onions, we mean smashing chickens to pieces on this board.

What cutting boards do chefs recommend?

The most popular cutting boards recommended by chefs are plastic ones. Due to this material’s durability and long life, polyethene boards are very popular. You can clean them by handwashing or by running them through the dishwasher. Knives made of wood and bamboo are both better than those made of plastic and plastic composites.

What are the healthiest cutting boards to use?

Bamboo boards are a good choice. In terms of the environment, bamboo is more sustainable compared to hardwoods (such as teak, mahogany, walnut, and maple). Bamboo is less porous than hardwoods (such as teak), resists knife scratches, and resists heat. Cracked or creviced cutting boards can hide bacteria, so you should replace them.

What kind of cutting board does Gordon Ramsay use?

Cutting boards made by John Boos are Gordon’s favourite. In Gordon’s MasterClass cooking series, he suggests using any large wood cutting board that will not slip when used and measures a minimum of 24″ x 18″.

Final words

Rolling up the article we hope that you will like our review list of the best cutting boards 2024. All the above-mentioned cutting boards are from the top market-leading brands. With these cutting boards, you can do professional cooking.

From our side, we recommend the top three rice cooker from our review list.

OXO Good Grips Cutting Board: Is nominated due to its excellent durability.

Virginia Boys Kitchens Walnut Wood Cutting Boards: Is the best budget-friendly cutting board.

TEAKHAUS Wood Cutting Board: Is selected here due to its excellent non-stick surface.

As we reach the end of our article we will highly appreciate your efforts if you want to share anything with us about the knife set working and usage. Give your valuable feedback in the comment section and share the arctic with your friends and family members.

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