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Top 10 Best Wooden Salad Bowls In 2024 – Reviews

Salad is refreshing when taken while fresh. But, the kind of plate you choose is vital for the overall taste. The ability to achieve the best tasting salad depends on the cutlery as well as plates used to serve. Choosing best wooden salad bowls can offer mixed greens and fruits. While there are trees used in making dishes or are ideal since they have exceptional taste. However, the type of trees used determines the quality and durability.

Wooden bowls are available in a variety of shapes and decorations. Some trees produce bowls with sleek designs. Some of the popular bowls are made from beech, cherry, walnut among others. They offer different characteristics when handling your food. To ensure excellent tasting salad, these wooden bowls are all everyone needs.

Wooden Salad Bowls Buying Guide

Type of Wood

The tree type used in making a bowl is essential. Choosing the right tree is vital to ensure that there are safety and durability. Some of the trees aren’t meant for making utensils. This is due to the presence of unwanted taste and smalls. However, for some like acacia, cherry, mango and others, they make durable and sleek wood.


Simply because the material is wood, it doesn’t mean it should be heavy. There are many hardwood dishes available on the market nowadays are lightweight. This depends on the crafting process and thickness. The ability to make the bowls thin ensure they are thinner than earlier hence lightweight. The dish’s weight is determined by the size and type of tree the bowl is crafted from.


The construction is vital for any bowl. For some made from solid woods, they are crafted from a single piece. This gives them more durability and ensures they can withstand usage for a long time. However, some like bamboo plates are assembled from different pieces. The single-piece bowl offers higher durability than other pieces.


The size of the bowls differs depending on your needs. The buyer can choose the right bowl to ensure they have comfortable salad handling. With bowls for serving and smaller versions, you can select the ideal size. The selection of size depends on the ones need.

Best Wooden Salad Bowls In 2024

Shanik’s Single Piece Acacia Wooden Salad Bowl

By: Shanik’s

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Shanik’s acacia salad bowl brings the beauty and sweetness of nature. The plate helps people to enjoy salads without unwanted tastes. The dish is large, which allows or a whole family meal. Whether it’s for family or special occasion serving, the bowl allows people to enjoy excellent taste. The sleekly designed bowl comes with leather handles. This makes lifting easy and also adds great beauty. The décor complementing design and look ensures there is a fantastic appearance.

The luxurious dish is enhanced with deep penetrating food grade stain to protect damage by water. It is a great option when you want everyone to enjoy a great time due to the large design. Actually, the bowl measures 12 inches which makes it ideal for a large group. Bearing in mind the bowl is a single piece, there are no leaks of salad juices. Additionally, the protection from water infiltration, there is improved durability.


  • Waterproof stain
  • Single piece construction
  • Leather handles
  • Easy to clean


  • None

ELEETS COLLECTION Large 12’’ Mango Wood Bowl


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Eleets collection large bowl is the perfect choice for salad and other food. Suitable for soup, pasta and others, it’s safe and doesn’t give food adulterated taste. Crafted from mange tree, there is durability and safety when using the bowl. The large design makes it a perfect serving dish for the whole family of other occasions. Moreover, the enamel coating is super since it allows the plate to handle hot food without damage. It can also handle hard food like nuts, chips, and others without chipping or suffering from scratches.

The dish also has serving utensils made to make the work easy. Actually, the wooden spoons are great for ensuring user enjoy safe food handling. The sleek look aver fades which enable the bowls and accessories to remain rustic and attractive. The utensils are safe and free from harmful materials hence ideas for all people.


  • Rusting and non-fading finish
  • Comfortable serving spoons
  • Safe and free from harmful materials


  • Not dishwasher safe

Woodard & Charles 10’’ Wooden Serving Bowl

By: Woodard & Charles

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As you enjoy your salad or other food, the type of plate matters a lot. Woodard & Charles owl brings a great look and performance to everyone. The dish is made to allow versatility of use without compromising safety. With high versatility, the dish can be used for various food. Whether you choose it for chips, fruits, and others, it keeps your food safe and great. Also, the superb look gives this bowl a perfect appearance. The décor complementing design lets the bowl stand exceptionally in any setting.

The fantastic thing is that the dish can serve various food without compromising the quality. It fits salads, chips, fruits and others. Due to the protective layer, it is protected against water damage. Also, it can be used with hot food without suffering from damage. Made from the acacia rubber tree, the dish looks elegant and is high performing. The ability to make great décor allows the bowl to be ideal for different occasions.


  • Premium acacia wood
  • Handcrafted
  • Perfect décor complement


  • No handles

AVAMI Acacia Wooden Fruits and Salad Bowl


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Getting a premium touch in your home is fantastic. Notably, by adding high-quality wooden bowls, it means they create elegant look and reliability. AVAMI acacia bowls are a perfect set of dishes that bring beauty and nature appreciation. Unlike other dishes, these are made from the wood, meaning they are safe for salad, fruits and others. The vibrant color bowls are excellent and allow for a great presentation. With natural wood grain imprints, they are not only durable but complements your décor.

The bowls are ideal for hot and cold food without suffering from damage. Therefore, even after years of use, the plates don’t chip, break or fade. Additionally, the single-piece design is the reason they are durable than glued bowls. With simple cleaning steps, the dishes are easy to maintain. Apart from the cleaning, the dishes are durable compared to bamboo. The acacia hardwood ensures solid and reliable for an extended period.


  • Highly durable
  • Easy to clean
  • Safe for hot and cold food


  • Not microwavable

AVAMI 9.4 inches Solid Hardwood Salad Wooden Bowl


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Serving salad and other food in exotic wooden bowls is remarkable. Among the top-rated dishes is this from AVAMI. The bowl is designed with the ability to enjoy exceptional durability and real tasting salad. With acacia wood construction, the plates are reliable to last for long. This means that even when using the plates regularly, they are designed to be reliable. The bowls are handcrafted, which gives them an authentic look and reliable performance.

The food-safe design enables people to use hot or cold food on this dish. Therefore, even when serving soup, it is easy without the dish getting damaged. The natural wood grain and beautiful decorations are long-lasting and never fades. This lets the dish to look impressive and complements all decors. Apart from the bowl, two wooden spoons enable easy salad and food serving. Overall, the dish is easy to care.


  • Large wooden spoons
  • Suitable for all food
  • Sleek appearance


  • Lack handles

PremiumPresents Large Salad Mixing 13″ Bamboo bowl

By: PremiumPresents

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PremiumPresents set of 4 bowls are perfect for serving salad and other food. Unlike other plates, these are bamboo made which enables them to offer excellent tasting food. Actually, the bamboo has superior qualities when it comes to resistance to mold and bacteria. Therefore, even after continuous usage, the bowls don’t cause the awful taste of food. The generously sized plates are ideal for serving salad in different occasions. Whether you want them for family or even use, they are great looking bowls.

The plates are eco-friendly and made from recyclable materials. This ensures there is conservation since they don’t pollute the environment. The spoons are also wooden which gives safe handling of salad without reaction. The plate and spoons are safe and keep the salad and fruits tasting awesome. The simple, caring process helps to maintain the bowls looking neat and attractive. Notably, the use of essential oils enables the bowls to remain exceptional.


  • Simple maintenance process
  • Bamboo construction
  • Large for more content holding


  • Not ideal for soaking in water

Lipper International Bamboo Wood Salad Bowls

By: Lipper International

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Lipper international salad wood bowls are revolutionizing your salad serving. The eco-friendly bowls are bamboo made, which means they are biodegradable. Also, the design leaves the bowls appearing sleek. Especially, the smooth and attractive pattern leaves the table looking amazing. This gives the user excellent attraction to food due to the perfect décor complement. Unlike others, these bowls are perfect for individual use. Each of the bowl measures 7cm, which is ideal for different functions.

These bowls are superb when it comes to maintenance. They require simple cleaning while the use of essential oils helps to keep them sleek. The wood absorbs oil which helps to keep water out. As a result, there is excellent performance and increased durability. Apart from serving salad, the bowls are ideal for use in kid rooms since they are safe. With safe edges, these bowls don’t pose a risk to small kids.


  • Eco-friendly bamboo
  • Optimized bowl size
  • Easy to care


  • No single piece construction

Gibson Home Laroda Salad Bowl 3 Pieces Set

By: Gibson

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Gibson Home Laroda bowl brings beauty and functionality. The bowls feature some of the superior acacia tree wood. With magnificent beauty, the dishes have an elegant appearance that suits different decors. Additionally, the hardwood used is durable and resists chipping and cracking. The brown color enables everyone to enjoy an in-depth and fantastic look. Therefore, even when serving your salad, the bowls are appealing from the first sight. The ingenious crafting gives the bowls elegant shapes.

When you think about the durability, these bowls are remarkable. They are enhanced with water-resistant properties which ensure there is no moisture infiltration. The wood used is safe and doesn’t cause unwanted food tastes. Also, the protection against water keeps away mold as well as bad smells. The two serving spoons are handy and allow for a smooth process. The bowls and spoons are ideal for use with different types of foods.


  • Durable serving spoons
  • Water and scratch-resistant
  • Solid construction


  • Water weakens structure

Lipper International Cherry Wavy Rim Serving Bowl

By: Lipper International

[amazon box=”B000Y528F6″]

Lipper International wavy serving bowl is ideal for different tasks. Perfected to add beauty to any home, the bowl is suitable for keeping your salad tasting excellent. The bowl is wooden crafted, which means it doesn’t react with any food. Apart from the sleek cherry finish, the bowl comes with a waved rim. This makes the bowl appealing and also pouring is easy that uniformed rim plates.

The generously sized bowl is ideal when you are serving salad. Actually, the bowl measures 13″ x 12.5″ x 5” which gives it fantastic capacity. Besides, the heavy-duty design is the reason the bowl is excellent for stability and durability. Made from rubberwood, it’s sturdy and lets the user enjoy exceptional durability without cracks and chipping. The use of mature trees ensures the bowl doesn’t get damaged in even change of conditions.


  • Ideal for all conditions
  • Wave like rim
  • Food safe stain


  • Has a bit of smell

Lipper International 1174 Acacia Wave Bowl for Fruits and Salad

By: Lipper International

[amazon box=”B008EQAMK0″]

Lipper International acacia wave bowl is one of the perfect serving options. Suited for salad and fruits serving, the dish is reliable and safe. The construction features acacia hardwood which is known for durability. Apart from the durability, the salad bowl has an attractive look. Consequently, when used in any décor, the dish is super complementing. The wave-like rim is superb and lets the user experience a different look.

The large design allows the dish to hole enough food. Therefore, the user can use it when dining to hold the salad or fruits for the family or group. With a sturdy design, the bowl is also smooth, which ensures there is easy cleaning. Perfected crafting lets the bowl look fantastic and suit all the decors. Above all, the finish helps in keeping wood free from moisture damage.


  • Large capacity
  • Wave like rim
  • Excellent counter piece


  • No serving spoons
  • Wooden Salad Bowls Buying Guide


There is every need to have wooden bowls. They are excellent when it comes to great-tasting salad, fruits and other food. Wood being safe and doesn’t react with fruit juices, its reliable for long. The eco-friendly nature makes these dishes ideal for keeping the environment clean. Above all, the universal décor complementing design makes these bowls suitable for everyone.