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Best Space Saver Coffee Maker 2024

Can any of us really deny the importance or need of having a coffee maker at home? You probably answered no, as did we!

But not all of us are blessed with large and spacious counters which let our machines stand tall.

But this does not mean you should be deprived of the coffee experience. Why not just go for a smaller one?

If you are looking for the best space saver coffee maker, you are in the right place. Here you will find a rich collection of top coffee makers, but they all have one thing in common- they are compact.

Now, compact can mean different things for different people, so we have laid down the dimensions too, so you can buy one that is just right for your space.

Best Space Saver Coffee Maker Reviews

BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker CM0700BZ

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You love coffee, and you want to be able to make it for your family every morning. But you want a machine that isn’t too big. A lot to ask? We do not think so, especially with this BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker.

Besides boasting a space-saving design, the coffee maker also comes with an ergonomic design that makes it easy to use regardless of its size.

There is a sneak-a-cup feature, which means you can remove one cup, pause the machine, and then place the second, without losing or wasting any coffee.

The coffee maker also comes with its own permanent grounds filter, which saves you a lot of cost over time, which you would have incurred from filter repurchases.

And if you have a low attention span in the mornings, which let us face it most of us do, just take a look at the indicator lights to understand when the coffee is done. It gives you that sense of peace knowing when the machine is on and when it is off.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with ergonomic handles and a lid
  • Temporary stop feature included
  • A permanent grounds filter has been provided
  • Includes one-touch control for easy usage

BLACK+DECKER Single Serve Coffeemaker CM618

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For everyone who is living alone or needs a small coffee maker for their dorms, this one by BLACK+DECKER looks like a pretty good choice.

It is a single-serve coffee maker, so it will be just enough for you if you live alone. And thanks to that, it will be small and compact at the same time, so you do not have to worry about the space.

The machine brews coffee directly into your mug. And in case you do not have a mug to fit, the coffee maker includes a travel mug too. Because this is a travel mug, you can grab this on your way out and drink on the way, as this fits into standard cup holders.

There is an auto-shutoff feature added here. This means if you ever forget to turn this off, the machine will not degrade over time. Instead, it will shut off on its own saving you energy.

With the coffee maker, you get a permanent grounds filter too! This means no need to spend on those expensive coffee filters over and over again.

Highlighted Features

  • The coffee maker comes with a travel mug
  • A permanent grounds filter has been provided
  • The machine includes an auto-shutoff feature
  • The water heats to the optimal temperature required

Suripow Store Single Serve K Cup Coffee Maker

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If you want to get a great cup of coffee every morning, and you want to get it quick, then look no further than the Suripow Store Single Serve K Cup Coffee Maker that will give you your daily boost in 3 minutes!

The machine comes with two different brewing methods and a total of four different capacity choices giving you plenty of flexibility with how you want your coffee every day. Choose between ground coffee or pods, and adjust the amount of water according to how you want it.

Fill the water tank, pour in some ground coffee, or insert your K-cup, and the coffee will be ready in no time! While this works, you can froth milk on the side, and have them together.

The machine is also self-cleaning, so you need not worry about cleaning it too much. And if you are one of those forgetful ones who always forget to turn their machines off at the end of the day, don’t worry because it will turn itself off.

Highlighted Features

  • Quick brew provides coffee in under 3 minutes
  • Comes with two brewing methods
  • There is a removable tray
  • An auto-off and self-cleaning feature are provided

Mr. Coffee 5 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

[amazon box=”B081DNWG7N”]

You have got a few people at your place, and you need coffee for all, but you are short on space. If all these apply to you, then go ahead and check out this one from Mr. Coffee, the 5 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker.

It has a compact design which ensures it can fit into those small spaces. At the same time, it can make 5 cups at one go, so whether you have more people to make coffee for, or you like to consume larger portions yourself, in either case, this makes a good choice.

The machine, even though compact, comes with an ergonomic design that makes it easy to hold on to, grab and pour without causing any spills. Moreover, there are markings provided too which let you measure out precisely the amount of coffee you want to brew.

With the Grab-A-Cup feature, you get to auto-pause the machine. This way you can take one cup out before having the rest poured in.

Highlighted Features

  • Comes with a brew later function
  • An auto-pause button is provided to prevent spills
  • Water window can be easily viewed
  • The machine has an ergonomic design

Keurig K-Express Coffee Maker

[amazon box=”B09715G57M”]

This Keurig K-Express Coffee Maker is a pretty compact and nice machine which you can easily put kitchen counters or other table corners without taking up too much space.

It provides you with some richly brewed coffee to help kickstart your day, and all it will take is 3 minutes. If you are ever in a rush in the morning, you won’t need much time here, which is a bonus. If you want to add on some cream, go ahead because the coffee stays warm for a good while too.

There is a water adjustment function, and this lets you measure and see how much coffee you are brewing. This way you get to save on your coffee grounds by not over brewing, which can really up your costs.

The machine also offers 2-in-1 brewing, where you can go the traditional way and make the coffee, or just use a coffee pod if you are short on time. Having options simply makes life easier and more flexible.

Highlighted Features

  • Drinks are ready in only 3 minutes
  • Comes with 2-in- brewing
  • Fits inside corners and tight spaces
  • Comes with an auto-clean feature

Space Saver Coffee Maker Buying Guide

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Single Serve

Single-serve machines are for everyone who wants a quick cup with little mess. These can use both espresso or a drip method, and some can even work with coffee pods.

The pod system also makes sure you get your coffee sooner than later and is pretty easy to clean up as well.


This is for all the users who need a different system at different times. So if you want the best space saver coffee maker to also be one that gives you multiple types at multiple times, look for this.

You can brew single servings or an entire carafe or use pods, depending on what the machine offers.


Of course, espresso lovers should go with this since little can duplicate the taste of fresh espresso. It is hard to get that strong taste and smell from even similar alternates like drip machines, so consider investing in one if this is what you like.

Then proceed to choose from the kind of machine you want – steam, automatic, pod-based, etc.

French Press

If you do not mind using a manual machine, French presses are great since they give you a rich and flavorful cup of coffee, without having to spend as much as an espresso machine.

Number Of Cups

If you like to have one cup every morning, then the single-serve machines are a good choice to check out. If you want more, look for ones that come with larger automatic drips or French Presses. These can do somewhere between 10 and 12 cups.

Automatic Machines

So automatic machines mean ones that come with automation features. This can mean a lot of things. If you are forgetful, look for machines that come with scheduled timings that let you pre-set the coffee maker.

If you do not like to clean, self-cleaning machines are also available, which take the load off of your hands.


Of course, since we are on the topic of compact coffee makers, you are going to have to check for their sizes and measure against the space where you plan on keeping them.

We have provided the dimensions in the chart so you can easily compare because pictures can be deceiving, and you should not buy based on what you see, but what you measure instead.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

best space saver coffee maker

What Are The Best Small Coffee Makers?

Some of the best small coffee makers include the Keurig K-Mini Plus with a brew size between 6 to 12 ounces.

You also have the  BLACK+DECKER 5-Cup Coffeemaker if you want something with a little more capacity.

And the Chefman Grind and Brew 4 Cup Coffee Maker and Grinder is a good pick if you want one that comes with its own grinder too.

Which Coffee Maker Makes The Best Tasting Coffee?

For the best tasting coffee, look no further than the Technivorm Moccamaster. A fantastic drip coffee maker that comes with a high and impressive capacity of 10 cups. It also promises good and reliable performance, and ease of use, so you are never too confused about the technology.

What Is The Best Inexpensive Coffee Maker?

Mr. Coffee 12-Cup Manual Coffee Maker is one of the top picks when it comes to getting a bang for your buck in terms of coffee makers. It can make a whopping 12 cups and even includes some higher-end functions like pause and serve. The machine is also simple to use and easy to clean, which makes it all the better.


Now that you are here, we are going to assume you have read the whole article, and hopefully found your best space saver coffee maker.

Since all of these are pretty compact and small, all you have to do is choose one that meets your requirements, and you are good to go.