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Best Espresso Grinder Under 500

As an aspiring home barista, you probably have learned that coffee’s taste comes first and foremost among all the other factors. And to bring the intrinsic flavor of coffee, whether it is a cappuccino, espresso, or ristretto, you need to ensure the beans are perfectly grounded.

With that said, it isn’t easy to find a grinder that is not only sturdy but also grinds coffee beans uniformly according to your requirements. And if you do come across one, you will find that it costs beyond your budget, so there’s no other option except for turning your back on it.

Should you be disappointed? There’s no need to! If you are wondering where to find the best espresso grinder under 500, you can count on us. Our list holds some of the top grinders that are guaranteed to comply with any brewing method, thus giving you a delicious cup of coffee every time!

Best Espresso Grinder Under 500 Reviews

KRUPS Precision Grinder

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Here is a flat burr grinder you will love using for the delicious cup of espresso- the Krups Precision grinder!

As its name suggests, the Precision grinder lets you grind beans precisely for any brewing method, including French press, drip coffee, filter coffee, pour-over, cold brew, and espresso. The flat metallic burr offers full ground size control with consistent grinds to help you achieve the intrinsic coffee flavor.

The grinder has 12 grind settings, including intermediary ones that range from fine to coarse grinding. You can adjust the fineness level by turning the dial on the side. Also, there is another dial in the front for choosing the amount of beans you want to grind. It has a quantity ranging from 2 to 12 cups.

Instead of waiting in front of the grinder to turn it off manually when it has done grinding, you can stay relaxed! This grinder comes with an auto-stop feature that automatically halts operation when it has ground beans to the required amount.

If you are looking for a large capacity in a grinder, this Precision grinder will serve you gracefully! It comes with a hopper having a bean capacity of 8oz and a grounds container that holds grinds enough for 32 cups of coffee!

What’s more, is that the grinder has a cleaning brush attached to the top burr so that you don’t have trouble cleaning!

Highlighted Features

  • Uses flat burrs
  • It has 12 grind settings
  • Comes with an auto-stop feature
  • Includes a cleaning brush
  • The bean hopper has a capacity of 8oz

OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

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If you want to try out conical burrs, then you can go for the Oxo Brew conical burr grinder.

This grinder uses conical burrs made of stainless steel that create uniform grounds for optimum flavor extraction. Also, it gives you the flexibility of choosing the type of grind you need for brewing. With its 15 grind settings, including micro settings, you can select how coarse or fine you want the grind to be.

Apart from that, there is a timer that lets you set a time for grinding, and it will remain like that until you change the setting. When you need to grind with the same time setting, all you have to do is press the button in the middle and start grinding.

The grinder has a hopper that holds beans up to 0.75 pounds. It is removable, too, so that you can easily take it off when you need to change the beans. Plus, it is tinted with UV protection so that the beans stay protected from the harmful UV rays.

The grounds container is made of stainless steel, and it holds up to 110 grams of coffee grind, which is enough for brewing 12 cups.

One cautionary note from Oxo you need to follow is that you should not use water or any other liquid for cleaning the inside of the grinder or the burrs.

Highlighted Features

  • Features conical burrs made of stainless steel
  • It has 15 grind settings
  • It has a built-in timer
  • The hopper has a capacity of 0.75 pounds
  • The grounds container holds up to 110 grams of coffee grind

SHARDOR Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

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This is another great espresso grinder that uses conical burrs for uniform grinding and optimal coffee flavor.

The Shardor Conical Burr Coffee Grinder lets you take full control over the extraction of coffee beans. Using the 14 adjustable grind settings, you can select the grind size for any brewing type, including espresso, drip, and French press, and brew them with ease.

Because you can’t just pour the beans into the hopper and start grinding only to find out that you needed less, you have the option to select the number of cups! The dial in front of the grinder lets you choose how many cups you want to grind, and it ranges from 2 to 12 cups. This ensures the beans are not wasted.

The hopper is removable and has a capacity of 8.8oz. It locks safely to the grinder, thus allowing you to grind with ease.

Convenience is what you need when using a grinder because you are likely to feel frustrated without it. Thankfully, this grinder comes with a handy tool, which is actually a spoon with a cleaning brush on the other end.

Highlighted Features

  • It uses conical burrs
  • It has 14 grind settings
  • The grind amount ranges from 2-12 cups
  • The hopper has a capacity of 8.8oz
  • Features safety-lock system

Capresso Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

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The Capresso Infinity conical burr grinder gives you the utmost espresso-making experience.

It features commercial-grade solid steel conical burrs that ensure beans are grounded with high precision. There are 16 grind settings that you can use to adjust the grind size for espresso, Turkish coffee, drip coffee, or French press. The settings are divided into four categories- extra-fine, fine, regular, and coarse.

Apart from grind settings, there is a timer that goes from 0 to 60 seconds, which allows you to set the grinding time. Because you have to set it manually, you can control it to prevent the beans from overheating and losing the flavor.

Regardless of the brewing method you use, you will obtain the maximum flavor of the grinds. This is because the grinder has a gear reduction motor that creates less heat, thus preserving the natural flavor and aroma.

It is quite difficult to clean conical burrs if you don’t have a small brush around. To make things easier, the grinder comes with a small cleaning brush for cleaning the burrs. The upper burr is removable, so if you notice clogged pieces between the blades, you can take it out and clean it thoroughly.

Like the previous grinder, this one also features a safety-lock system that ensures the grinder does not start operating unless you have properly placed the hopper.

Highlighted Features

  • It uses conical burrs
  • Features safety-lock system
  • It has 16 grind settings
  • It has a built-in timer
  • Includes a small cleaning brush

Technivorm Moccamaster 49520 KM5 Burr Coffee

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The Technivorm Moccamaster 49520 KM5 Burr Coffee features everything you need at an affordable price.

This coffee grinder features conical burrs that ensure you get the natural flavor and aroma without losing the beans’ essential oils. You also have the convenience of adjustability. With the 19 precise ground settings, you can adjust the grinding size for espresso, drip coffee, French press, Turkish coffee, and many more.

Other than that, you can select the grind amount up to 12 cups depending on how much you need to grind.

Exposing coffee beans to the air makes it lose its flavor. Thankfully, the hopper comes with a resealable dust-proof lid to eliminate the issue, and keeps the beans fresh for a long time. It also allows you to safely lock it to the grinder without worrying about misalignment.

Since this is a low-rpm grinder, it means there will be less noise and heat production. So, when you are grinding early in the morning, you can rest assured the grinder won’t wake anyone up nor burn the beans to ruin the day.

Like most grinders, this one comes with a single button that starts working when you push it and stops automatically when it has finished grinding.

Highlighted Features

  • It has 19 precise grind settings
  • The hopper comes with a resealable dust-proof lid
  • It runs at a low rpm
  • Features safety-lock system
  • Includes a cleaning brush

Espresso Grinder Under 500 Buying Guide

best espresso grinder under 500


Unlike blade grinders, burr grinders are ideal for brewing espresso because they grind coffee beans to a consistent size while retaining the flavor. Plus, they give you more control over the extraction, so you can play with it until you get the desired result.

This is why professionals around the globe prefer using burr grinders. 

Burr grinders are of two types: flat and conical.

Flat burrs have two horizontal blades that lie on top of each other. One blade faces upwards and the other downwards. When you grind coffee beans, the beans will fall between the blades where the sharp teeth on the edges crush them into smaller pieces.

Unlike conical burrs, flat burrs are noisy and produce heat because they require a high amount of energy, resulting in burnt coffee. They are expensive as well, but regardless of that, they are great at producing consistent particle size.

Conical burrs, on the other hand, include a cone-shaped ring that sits into another cone-shaped ring. When you pour beans into the grinder, the beans are pulled towards the rotating rings in between which they are crushed, forming uniform grounds.

An advantage of using conical burrs is that they require less energy, so they produce less noise and heat. That means they are likely to reduce the chances of your grounds getting burnt. Although you will find them at a lower price, conical burrs offer less consistency compared to their flat counterparts.

In terms of taste, both flat burrs and conical burrs offer grounds, which provide a similar taste when brewed. However, you may notice a subtle difference in flavor when you grind a larger amount of beans with a flat burr because it produces more heat and burns the coffee beans.

Grind Settings

When you are shopping for the best espresso grinder under $500, you should look for the one that comes with a range of grind settings.

Grind settings allow you to choose how coarse or fine you want your grinds to be. This comes in handy, especially when you are a beginner, because you can tweak the settings until you achieve perfectly extracted grinds.

Apart from espresso, these settings let you use other brewing methods, so you are not limited to just one.


While you may think that consistency is the only factor you should look for in a grinder, it is also important to know how much you are going to grind.

Different grinders come with a bean hopper having different capacities. If you need a larger one for brewing espresso for the whole family, then you can purchase a grinder that comes with a larger hopper. For a small group or only for yourself, a smaller hopper will be the best choice.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

best espresso grinder under 500

How Much Should I Spend On An Espresso Grinder?

This is entirely up to you. A good quality espresso grinder costs lower than $500 and can range up to thousands of dollars that not only grind but brew as well! Choose one according to your requirements and budget.

Should I Buy A Coffee Grinder?

A coffee grinder is a great investment that will enable you to enjoy the freshest espressos right at home. They allow you to grind up your coffee beans with just the degree of fineness you prefer, thus producing the richest and freshest café-standard espressos right in your kitchen!

What Is The Best Coffee Grinder For Home Use?

An affordable model with just the right capacity, powerful and effective burrs, versatile grind settings, and durable construction is what you should aim for.

The Baratza Encore Coffee Grinder is one of the most premium models of grinders you can choose for your home use.

Final Words

When choosing the best espresso grinder under $500, you will need to consider its benefits as well as your budget. If you purchase one in your budget and then it wears out after regular use, you will obviously be disappointed.

Our recommendations comprise grinders that offer exceptional service in every use. We have thoroughly researched, tested, and then selected the ones we think are the finest and eligible for the price range.

Once you have chosen a grinder, we recommend you get familiar with its features and then experiment with different brewing methods to improve your skills as a barista.