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Best 4 Slice Toaster Ovens

For all those times you crave cookies in the middle of the night, want to heat a day-old frozen pizza quickly, or enjoy a lavish breakfast with a ton of toast, the one device that will help in all cases is a toaster oven.

This is one of the most convenient cooking devices ever made. It is great at multitasking and lets you cook, heat, bake, and do so much within such a small space. Even though these are names toaster ovens, they are not used as toasters only.

You can go ahead and let your cooking skills explode with creativity with one of these in your kitchen. The options are endless. If this makes you keen on buying one, then check out the full article below that discusses all the points you need to know before you can buy the best 4 slice toaster ovens.

Best 4-Slice Toaster Ovens Reviews

Panasonic FlashXpress Compact Toaster NB-G110P

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This is a compact toaster oven from Panasonic. But do not let the word compact get to you! This has a good power that helps you cook food fast and get done with meals within minutes. Of course, with toast, it takes even less time.

There is a double infrared heating high-efficiency quartz plus a ceramic infrared heating element, both of which are placed to the front and back of the oven. This helps to provide an even toast, that is brown, crunchy, and done to perfection.

Temperature controls are also available here, and they are very precise. Having this lets you bake bread from scratch before you can go on to toast them afterward. You can also reheat bread, toast as well as other food efficiently and have them just as warm as if it was freshly baked.

Features that make usage easy include temperature control, so you can adjust it to the different meals you make and have each cook properly on its own terms. Having a crumb tray is also great since you can clean it out pretty quickly, and regularly too.

A see-through glass is put on, and this is connected to the rack. So when you pull it, the rack comes out with it to give you easier access to the rack.

Highlighted Features

  • Includes double infrared heating
  • 1300 watts cooking power
  • Front and back come with ceramic infrared heating elements
  • The transparent glass door gives a clear view inside
  • 6 pre-set touch modes are included

Toaster Oven By Mueller Austria

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This toaster oven is from the renowned brand Mueller Austria, and it is multifunctional. Meaning, you can toast more than just bread but can use it to cook and bake too.

With 1100 watts of cooking power, you can rest assured that it has enough juice to power through toast, and can be used for cooking entire meals as well. With the Even Toast Technology that this boasts, you can put in up to 4 slices of bread to have them toasted nice and brown.

The oven itself has a very compact and sleek design, so it easily fits onto a kitchen counter. Inside, you will see that it is slightly curved. This has been done so you can bake pizzas in it too. The biggest pizza you can make here is a 9-inch one.

Temperature ranges from a low 150 degrees all the way up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Having this lets you cook like a regular oven. But at the same time, the convection air is circulated, so the heat is evenly spread, and reaches all corners equally, resulting in a faster-cooked meal.

A timer is also built-in which lets you know when the food is done. For the toast, there is a 30-minute timer, which ensures the toast is done perfectly before you can take it out.

Highlighted Features

  • The multifunctional oven can bake and broil too
  • 1100 watts of cooking power
  • Temperature ranges from 150 to 450 degrees
  • Two rack positions and a multipurpose pan
  • A built-in timer

Comfee’ Toaster Oven CFO-BB101

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This Comfee’ Toaster Oven is one that can not only toast but can also be used for baking as well as broiling. If these are things you do a lot besides having toast, then do check this model out.

It comes with 1000 watts of cooking power which let you do complete meals in very short times. Plus, with the dual position rack, you can cook up more than one dish at a time. Use the top rack for broiling, while the bottom one serves as a good place for baking or toasting, depending on the time of the day.

The built-in timer has been added so that you do not need to keep an eye out for the food accidentally burning. The oven will take care of it.

On the inside, you will find that the tray is nonstick. Meaning, any oil or grease you get on it from cooking or baking can be taken off very easily. Plus, there is a crumb tray as well. Which means you do not have to go in and clean all the leftover crumbs from the toast. Simply take the tray out and have it cleaned.  Since ovens are used very frequently, they have to be cleaned just as much. Having these assure us that hygiene can be maintained while we enjoy good food.

Highlighted Features

  • The oven can bake and broil with toasting too
  • 1000 watts of cooking power
  • Non-stick crumb tray is easy to clean
  • A timer is built-in
  • Temperature ranges from 150 to 450 degrees

Hamilton Beach 31344D

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The Hamilton Beach toaster oven is one of those really cool ones that come with a roll-top door instead of the traditional ones. Having this is more than just an aesthetic, but it gives you more space so you do not have to fling open a heavy door every time you use the oven. Not just that, having it roll up also means it is easier to clean. And trust us, cleaning ovens is a big task in itself.

Using this, you can of course make toast. But you can also broil or bake when you want. There are two rack positions here, and a baking pan is also included. So when used together, you can make an entire meal at one go.

When making pizza, the biggest size this can hold is a 9-inch one. Or you can replace it with 4 toasts, or any other food of choice depending on what meal you are having.

There is a 30-minute timer here as well that assures you of perfect toast every time. With this, you never end up burning the toast, even if you forget.

Highlighted Features

  • Tow rack positions plus a baking pan included
  • Contoured knobs easier to use
  • Timer and auto-shutoff feature included
  • 1200 watts cooking power


[amazon box=”B00LU2I428″]

This BLACK+DECKER toaster oven is for all users who serve large crowds or live in big families. It is a very spacious and wide oven that can do a lot more than just toasting bread. It can accommodate up to 8 slices of bread or even a 12-inch pizza.

The maximum temperature this oven reaches is 450 degrees and this gives you a nice and crispy brown toast every morning. A 60-minute timer has been put in here. This is for all those bigger dishes which take longer to cook. But for toasting, you get a dedicated precision toast timer as well.

Since the oven is big, it can hold most regular pans. So you do not have to get separate ones just for this. There are three rack positions, which is more than what you get in most microwaves. This way you can put in more food at once, and enjoy it all together.

It makes use of convection heating. This way, the air is circulated throughout and the baking or cooking is done evenly and all throughout. Besides toasting, this can be used for broiling too and keeps food warm for long.

Highlighted Features

  • The maximum temperature reached is 450 degrees
  • Includes three rack positions
  • A timer is built-in
  • The convection fan circulates heat for baking

4 Slice Toaster Ovens Buying Guide

4 Slice Toaster Ovens

Temperature Adjustments

Ovens that have a wide temperature range are always preferred because they allow you to work with various types of dishes. This is why you should look into this range provided by the manufacturers.

Sometimes you will get a complete range, at others you will find the maximum temperature provided only. In either case, checking the maximum is good enough to know how flexible the oven is going to be.

And of course, adjustments have to be there as well. If you cannot adjust the temperature, you cannot do much even with the finest of ovens. Even with toast, you can get that nice brown effect when you are allowed to increase the temperature while using.

Auto Settings

Ovens these days come with a lot of auto cook settings. These are reserved for all the dishes that you cook over and over again and hence are ingrained into the ovens. You do not have to put in every detail like the temperature and timer, but the oven has those fixed.

Common ones include baked potatoes, pizza, and in this case, toast! If you have any such dish that you cook a lot, then check to see if it comes with the auto settings or not.

And when buying the best 4 slice toaster ovens, you will also see that some ovens come with not one or two, but a whopping 9 auto settings as well. These can become a little more expensive, but they are worth every penny if you can get the daily meals done with the push of a button.


Toaster ovens in general come with a crump pan plus a baking rack. Some of the high-end ones also add in baking pans, broiler trays, and even pizza stones. Since these ovens are not your typical large and accommodating ones, you will not be able to fit in regular cookware normally.

So, if you look forward to making more than just toast in this oven, then we suggest you look into these extra accessories that come with the ovens. It will make cooking a lot easier in the long run.


Some ovens have them, some do not. We prefer the ones that come with some form of timer or alert and recommend that you look for a similar one too. Because lets us face it, none of us want to stand by watching when our food is going to be done or come back to a burnt toast after forgetting.

Having a timer or some form of alert system ensures mishaps like these do not happen, and that our usage can be made as simpler and easier as possible.


You might be imagining a certain size of oven while at home. But rest assured the various sizes and heights will confuse you once you start digging. So fix a place where you want to set up the oven. Then cross-check dimensions before you buy so it does not end up too big or too small.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

4 Slice Toaster Ovens

What Is The Best 4 Slice Toaster To Buy?

The Breville BTA840XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster is one of the top picks in the market today and is without a doubt one of the finest in the market right now. It includes innovative features and even a one-touch automation. The 4 slots are also extra wide, so you never have issues with how the bread fits into it.

What Is The Best Toaster Oven To Buy?

If you want the topmost toaster, then take a look at the Breville BTA840XL Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster. It comes with 4 wide slots that let you put in bread slides without any worry.

Moreover, it also includes a lot of innovative features which allow you to check up on your toast without worrying about if the toast is getting burned.

Which Is Better Breville Or Cuisinart Toaster Oven?

Breville is comparatively better since it includes a better broil pan as well as a drip pan. Thanks to these it also works like a cookie sheet. Not to mention, Breville also has better construction which makes it sturdier.


Toaster ovens are without a doubt one of the most versatile and indispensable kitchen devices there are. Letting you do so much with such little space and effort, you need to have one if you don’t already.

If this is your first time buying one, you will probably have some lurking questions. Well, to buy the best 4 slice toaster oven you have to look at the power, the size, the temperature control, and a bunch of other stuff too.

Details can be found above in the main article, so we hope it helps you find the perfect oven!