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We are a reservations-only cooking school, dining venue, and event space in the heart of old Beijing. Chinese-American author Jen Lin-Liu opened Black Sesame Kitchen in 2008 to promote the understanding of Chinese cuisine and to create a convivial setting for socializing and exchange between China and the rest of the world. Since 2008, we’ve been cooking in the back alleys of Beijing. Our mission is to bring people around the world together through unique culinary experiences. 

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Perfect for a fun excursion out on the town, a celebration, or a business event, starting at 350rmb per person. We’ve lowered our minimum charge for our Wine n’ Dine experience to two guests and our cooking class to four guests, so reserving one of our private courtyard rooms is now easier than ever! 


Bring our famous Wine n’ Dine experience to your home, office or location of your choice! We serve a ten-course Chinese set menu with two wine pairings starting at 350rmb per person.


Let Black Sesame Kitchen deliver a deluxe take-out meal to your home or cater your next party.

Want to know what our guests say about us? Visit our TripAdvisor page for our 900 reviews and counting …

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